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Beyond Scared Straight on A&E is one of the best new shows this year


This is a great old school Scared Straight clip (nsfw)


Just updated. There’s a tornado warning in effect for East Baton Rouge.

Back on that video, I just wish that whole incident was just skipped over to begin with. No need to give the Mexican guy hell. Could’ve just said, “Not anymore. Deal with it.”

How many posts someone has in a particular thread.

It pays to be on Jersey Shore…

i know this is very difficult, but don’t be a scrub. SF4 is actually a really good game when you’re playing good ppl, much better than the dice roll that is sf3 at high lvl. its just that intermediate area is much more friendly in 3s. Also, you can hold forward on people when you knock them down instead of baiting, and auto pilot with makoto is really good, so yeah, i can see why you’d like it.

Only a fool would say SF4 is “really good.” I don’t hate it like Dakota but don’t pretend like it’s amazing. Especially the garbage AE version.

AE is the best version (F charge characters), and overall, SF4 is better than 3s. Go back and play those old games, nostalgia goes a long way. The only thing I really like over about 3s over SF4 is that it has no auto block and you can blow up scrubs really easily with parry. But at high level, sf4 is definitely a superior game, just not as fun to watch for the average person.

And plz don’t take what I say out of context that much, I said its really good when you play good people, cause the mind games are really good at high lvl. It’s not very much fun when you’re fighting scrubs though, cause you can’t do much cause its all about baiting the mash.

PS: high level play levels out due to option selects, once you learn all the intricate stuff, you can shut down most mashing with a good offense, thats the only reason I say its good at high level. Cause it forces ppl play smart or auto lose. I know you dont really like OS, but regardless, its still a scrub killer, and if you don’t use it, that’s ur own fault.

Why are the Gameware tournaments not streamed?

Julio, look at who cosigned you and recognize that your post is a failure.

Everything is good high level play, because at that point execution and things don’t matter as much and mind games and match up experience are more important.

Streetfighter 4 is not better than 3s, more balance sure. Better…No

Didn’t Pauly D dj at The Boot? I doubt he got $40k for that. Especially considering everyone I know who went said he was awful.

Mostly lack of equipment and people to do the streaming. The lack of equipment is a big part of why most aren’t recorded and uploaded. My camera only records so much on its own and I’m running around most of the time. It would be nice if someone stepped up though.

Love you.

Does Pumpkinbomber have that matrox still?

I do, but I don’t get out to tournaments anymore. I’m guessing Jakob probably has the Haupauge pVR still too.

I stopped reading after this…

Super was best version, not because my character was better in it, but because of the overall balance and variety.