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Like Melty

Yall Niggas need to stop acting like Dat star wars aint fitna drop nigga swag

no what you are doing or rather what you set out to do and go t lost in (as usual) was trying to validate a list you pulled out of your ass for popularity of games, and mainly the location of SC on that list that people questioned…btw which you still havnt done rather just shown that every game has a scene to a regard and not brought up why sc is going to the IT game till tekken.

well done.

Hold on mike let me get those offical numbers for games that aren’t out or state side yet.

It’s my list you don’t have to like it, or agree with it… Just respect it when Final round numbers follow that list. I feel like SCV will have a strong spot higher than mk9 kof bb and melty until TT drops.

edit: scv and tt are the only 3d fighters coming out next year, VF scene is so none existent im not gonna bother putting it on the list either. That’s the only reason they are as high on the list.

so when you say up to evo you are actually talking about a large tournament in atlanta? my mistake then…im sure SC will be relatively big at one of the central hubs for the community.
i did learn something tho “up until evo”=the fr tournament showing

a new dark horse candidate for thread of the year…

oh mike your such a stickler for details FR is the half way point to evo as far as major’s go… FR will just be the 1st evidence that my prediction will be accurate…up until evo.

what other majors are there before or after fr leading to evo?




the magneto combo at 10:30 was pretty sick

oh sb where SC wasnt out got it

neither was umvc3 or sf4 2012 or kof nor skull girls…

…so fr being a middle point to evo in regard to those games is correct how?

Yeah it was. Haven’t seen anyone using Storm and Mag’s new moves enough. Was so unnecessary, but so sexy.

you right

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I could post this anywhere on this site and it’d still be slightly relevant.

i play kof if any1 wants to play add me oh and are u getn kof irv?

I’m not 100% on it just yet. I ain’t really playing anything consistently right now.

hey look i linked from front page

Good to see Morrigan getting represented by some good players. Granted one her appearances was on a pure troll team, but at least it showed that if you have good execution her AV pressure is serious.

Add me to the list of people going hard on KOF.