Hatin' from experience, the LouisianA Thread Live by our rep


I had fun at gameware on Friday, I added most of you so feel free to invite Me on live if yall playing


whos going to fightnight from BR?


I want to, but need a ride, I might be able to drive 3 but it’s like a 20% chance, plus I’d need gas money


Well, I was trying to post results in the thread all day on Saturday, but couldn’t get it to work (~20 or so tries). Sad to see it go. SRK still sucks etc. BFTS site is a good alt imo.

Anyway, business time. Anyone that has setups that we can use for next month, let me know by text/phone/IM/email (renewme.LA@gmail.com), etc. I’m going to be calling around in the next few weeks to get ready. Running 3 fighters this go 'round. MvC3, AE, and MK9.

Gameware SRK thread up and running. Go RSVP and forward it along.

edit: we’re heading to Little Wars tonight instead of Dibbz. Not going to be driving down two days in a row.


Anyway, business time. whos going to nola >=/?


Mike call or text me




so this is where you all is…so no more dirty south thread?

see yall tonight at dibbz


carlos kota dubh patch and nightshade en route now


I’m committing to next week at Dibbz. Sorry I couldn’t come this time but I’m trash when it comes to last minute stuff these days. #old


tonights a marvel tourney, ill bring my setup




truer words were never spoken.


my sentiments exactly


This thread is gay…


That’s not cool Justin!


someone has been mashing too much on twitter with the # hashtags


Nah the twitter typing is just me practicing being lame cause I see it all the time. I only have 2 post on my twitter page and it was just a question directed to a celebrity and saying I only signed up to follow kreayshawn lol.


GG last nite


alex’s brother 1st place, kuma oso 2nd, grand finals was hype as hell as kuma came from losers and brought it down to the last round, but didnt have enough meter to steal 1st place from alex’s bro in the 1 dollar tourney!

next week power stone 2 teams tourney! 2v2!