Hatin' from experience, the LouisianA Thread Live by our rep


my sentiments exactly


This thread is gay…


That’s not cool Justin!


someone has been mashing too much on twitter with the # hashtags


Nah the twitter typing is just me practicing being lame cause I see it all the time. I only have 2 post on my twitter page and it was just a question directed to a celebrity and saying I only signed up to follow kreayshawn lol.


GG last nite


alex’s brother 1st place, kuma oso 2nd, grand finals was hype as hell as kuma came from losers and brought it down to the last round, but didnt have enough meter to steal 1st place from alex’s bro in the 1 dollar tourney!

next week power stone 2 teams tourney! 2v2!


need to play more mk =[


next weeks gonna be my last dibbz until i come back to visit :bluu:

i’m free today for some games from 4-9. holla at me.


I owe making it that far to you.

We should make the entry fee higher. Felt a bit disappointed that my prize was only my entry fee again.


I think you owe it to me and Toi for not being there.


I don’t think you understand.


Yeah I’ll definitely make it out there next week then. Anyone else from BR know if they can go next week yet?


il go


I’m in for next week also


im guna try to make it out there next week…not sure if ill be able to, with the lafayette tournament on saturday. but ill try


idk if you got my text irv but I’m in for NOLA next week


That’ll be 25 cents, sir.


people still pay for texting?


u pay for em to playa dont front