Hatin' from experience, the LouisianA Thread Live by our rep


next weeks gonna be my last dibbz until i come back to visit :bluu:

i’m free today for some games from 4-9. holla at me.


I owe making it that far to you.

We should make the entry fee higher. Felt a bit disappointed that my prize was only my entry fee again.


I think you owe it to me and Toi for not being there.


I don’t think you understand.


Yeah I’ll definitely make it out there next week then. Anyone else from BR know if they can go next week yet?


il go


I’m in for next week also


im guna try to make it out there next week…not sure if ill be able to, with the lafayette tournament on saturday. but ill try


idk if you got my text irv but I’m in for NOLA next week


That’ll be 25 cents, sir.


people still pay for texting?


u pay for em to playa dont front


Actually I now have unlimited texting finally lol. Took me a long time but I finally crossed the barrier. Pretty sure Steven was referring to the fact that I used to complain about getting them cause it cost me money for each. Still cost money…but my mind is calmed by the fact that I’m not worried about going over.


oh lol



Ok. Looks like the SRK team thinks they fixed the problem and they want us to start posting in the old thread again to verify. See you all back there.


It’s not fixed just got the error from my phone


Me too. Didn’t look at the error though to see if it is different.

Edit: same error. 64MB limit. Oh well.


that sucks
tell jim


Ok. I “started a conversation” with him and added you, irv, and Kota to the “conversation”. So we should all be able to see his reply.