Hatin' from experience, the LouisianA Thread Live by our rep

Eh it’s smart to have gas on hand anyways in case of emergencies. I always try to keep my tank above half.

SO YEAH NIGGA IM FUCKED UP. I had a nice time with some white girls on Frenchmen…
Now I see why Toi is on white girls… I feel like this nigga here

blackstar gonna be a good show

will be worth price of admission

never understood people getting fussy about a TROPICAL SYSTEM…its not even a hurricane…its a big deal for people in NY or east coast because the problem is uncommon for them but for gulf coast aside from minor flooding/strong breeze nothing is going to happen…

My only concert is if the power goes out randomly…for any period of time. It will be really annoying if I’m awake when it does.

Powers thankfully back on here in BR. Lost it last night for a couple hours.

Games and clicks tomorrow at my place 4pm till.

tbh, I’m not worried about the weather itself, just power going out and becoming an inconvenience.

The drainage ditch in front of my house is nearly full, and now I am convinced there must be a alligator in it.

La rocks :stuck_out_tongue:

Even though the system itself isn’t too dangerous it can still generate some dangerous events such as tornados and other assorted problems. In fact right now as I type this I just got a tornado warning for parts of Loiusiana. None for BR or NO though.

If you’re a savage you’ll go out there with a machete and then make your self a nice set of boots.

I tried watching the UltraDavid video, but it just sounded like a BrAun commercial. :lame:

that video was pretty funny.

Choot em

Katt williams owns as I said earlier

If i could embed…

followed by


Now I’m reminded of that Mexica Movement.

that post mashing…

is it even tracked anymore?

is what tracked?

Beyond Scared Straight on A&E is one of the best new shows this year


This is a great old school Scared Straight clip (nsfw)


Just updated. There’s a tornado warning in effect for East Baton Rouge.