Hatin' from experience, the LouisianA Thread Live by our rep

everything u said applies to 3s btw and at high level its way better…

shut up chris dont pretend you know noth ing about nothin…

he djed out here a few times, and it wanst more than 20$ a go check the old thread, it def has price for br shows…

it is tracked for them it shows how many posts they have since the new format in a thread…=}

actually as a whole Super was the most balanced of any version to come out, leave it to capcom to fuck it up

Yo Mike, I’m pretty sure I know more than you brotha…:slight_smile:

Last time Pauly was down here was a while ago from what I remember. His profile is a bit bigger now so he may charge more.

the AE thing was obviously a troll, there are straight up worthless characters in AE, that’s retarded. C’mon ppl, I thought that was obvioius…

I don’t really feel like arguing, I think sf4 is more fun cause its more complex to open people up rather than dash in or neutral jump to throw/overhead/or short short super. That’s my personal pref. I’d take cvs2’s poking and zoning over 3s any day as well. I just like poking ( no homo).

sf4 is fun and a good game in its own right, but games like 3s cvs2 mvc2 etc were good because they were the pinnacles of creation during a period of game development. that is why they feel so fluid, look so great, play so well and are timeless. the new games are the beginning of another wave. These games have the fun factor but it will take time for the newer titles to develop mojo

charles new av is cool but 3 months late

Man, Kevin Smith has lost a step. Would anyone really want to see this film?

As far as Arkansas goes with it being 7 hours I’d have to take monday off which I’m too late to do right now so I’m bowing out for sure.

well since you left that very open ended as a whole, i highly doubt you know more than me >_>;;

i had someone just yesterday say its one of his better movies, i would only say its hard to miss more steps than he has since the 90s ended…

julio, lmao you really dont know what you are talking about u just described ways to open someone up in ANY game …

Mike, reading over the plot it just doesn’t sound like the makings of a good film. Seems like a cheesy straight to dvd film that would later be edited and played on the sci-fi channel in october.

You just described most of the garbage put out in recent years.

Does anyone have a spot for me? I can help drive and stuff~

I wish Jaha would get his own reality show, I would watch it.

no ultra’s in 3s is awesome too

after what happened to christian’s car im pretty sure no one would hand you their keys…

…nigga…there are ultras there just arnt 2 of them please get off of 3s dick you guys its already dead 1st day my entire xbl friends list was full of 3s next week that was cut in half today theres none. If your going to be on 3s dick be good at it or anything at least is all im saying. “Try to be mo Falawless wit it” - Curren$y

Supers =/= Ultras

uhm i dont play this game but i heard from a little birdy that if chun parrys then supers it can take about 40% health how is that not equivalent to an ultra? what makes it worst u can do it 2 times hmmm…40% plus 40%=…80%? stay free dubh


nothing to argue there

pretty much all older games are greater than the newer ones, doesn’t mean the new ones are bad. Just new age stuff for new age players