Hatred for Shoto's?


ok ive been playing SF since '92 (yes old school) now i used to pick Ken/Ryu all the time when i was younger. But as i got older i started to pick Honda, Vega(Claw) The Gief!, Guile Ect.

Now recently when i play against Any Shoto, i get this mad hatred for the person playing, to me its like they dont know how to play SF so they choose a shoto, In SFIII i didnt mind a shoto as much, but in SF:R i get pissed when i see one. cause every tourny or my days worth of ranked/player matchs are shoto’s(at least 70%)

and it got me thinking if any other players hate shoto’s as much as i do, now if your REALLY good with ryu/ken without being cheap(akuma is just cheap all round) then i dont mind, even if i lose. i usally beat shoto’s its just boring to see the same thing over and over and over.

so please tell me what you guys think if you agree of disagree id ont care what you say, insults or not i just want some feedback.

p.s. they should really fix the dc’s on ranked matches, if you dc before the match start you should not get a loss(i was 12-2 got 5 dc’s prior to the match and went 12-7)


i get bored of shotos…they’re very predictable


i hate shotos with a passion cuz most shoto players make them look bad and scrubby.

90% of ryu player dont know how to play him right. they cant zone for shit and rely on gimmicky dragon punch tactics. newsflash, you aint daigo and your shit isn’t new.

ken players are worse. 99% of them cant zone for shit and thinks dping every 2 seconds is a legitimate strategy even though they get smacked afterwards again and again.


Seems like the issue is against players and not Shotos.


I think most people starting out in the game end up using a charge type character (Blanka, Honda, Guile) since their moves are easier to pull off with consistency. People usually start picking shotos when they get charge characters down. At least, from my experience.


I don’t mind fighting shotos since they’re pretty predictable. We all know what they want and how they’re going to try to get it so it’s cool when you see a really creative one that actually knows their shit.

I think shotos just attract scrubs is all.


In my experience, complete beginners try shotos. Then, when execution becomes a problem and they realise they can’t DP consistently, switch to a charge char.


Last night I played long series with Fei against 3 random people using shotos. The first matches they lost hard because of their perseverance in random DP’ing. Then they start to learn that it wont work and accidently do succesful hurricanes. few games later they learn that hurricanes are way better then their flashy DP skills (sarcasm) and they do nothing but. Suddenly I have a hard game to win as my Fei just cant do much against it.

At least I get to start a learning process :wink: Which is nice.


No hatred here. My favourite character is Ryu. Hooray!


There are so many of them, but I love using Gief against them.


It really depends on the player actually not the character. Sure they are the most accesible so it makes sense. Of course anyone that plays SF is going to pick the main characters but at the same time patterns and such are found with all the other characters as well. Nothing is new except the HD and the move changes. That’s all. Basically it’s the same game everyone plays and those who don’t play it competitively will stick with the mains to ensure a “win” at one point or another. Everyone uses shotos to some extent or another but execution and experience is what is boils down to. Take Marvel for instant. Which characters do you think get’s picked the most? All in all, I like and played Ryu in the past and I will continue to use him in the future. 1 of 4 characters anyways.


wow 10 posts in under 24 hours, i guess im not alone lol. yeah i faced another shoto today but i just use my blanka and i kick thier ass, but im starting to love Dee jay lately against them.

another thing i hate about shoto’s is when they pick akuma, he has way to many priorities and if a semi-good player used akuma, then all i have left is my geif which is still very very rusty(compared to my 4 other characters)


Why pick Zangief against Akuma? He has the least answers to Akuma’s tactics. Choose anyone else unless you really want to learn that matchup.

Also, maybe fighting mostly ryu and ken is your experience or you remember them more because you don’t like them. Personally I’m annoyed by deejay and blanka throwing after block strings.


Hah I can’t say I hate them, but I don’t use them as much as I used to. My focus shifted when SFIII came out from Shoto to Elena/Dudley and MAYBE Ken if I was bored. Now it’s on Boxer/Sagat/Dee Jay. But really you can’t hate a shoto, I mean if their tactics are working against you why shouldn’t they do them? If someone beats me using the same Shoto tactics repeatedly that’s my fault for falling for it. …repeatedly.


It comes down to lack of choices for me.

I play Ryu because I don’t like charge characters and I like characters with projectiles. There is only one other character in the whole roster that doesn’t have charge moves and also has a fireball (and isn’t a shoto). That doesn’t leave me with a lot to choose from. Ryu is the only shoto I like so he gets chosen.

One reason (though there are many) I am really looking forward to SF IV is more choice.



Are you considering Sagat a shoto and Dhalsim the one that’s left?


i enjoy eating shotos


I think it’s purely a scrub thing. I play as a shoto and when I see my opponent be a shoto, even I’m inclined to think they’re scrubs (just like me…). But in general I think most players don’t have anything personal against shotos and if they encounter a good one, they can respect that player. It’s just that maybe a higher percentage of shoto players are scrubs versus other characters…


If you want to feel talentless play Honda. Just using his headbutt you can beat a lot of people. No one knows how to deal with it.


Well lets just say…ehonda is the lamest of lame…scrubby ehonda with just a little idea of what to do can make things difficult for anyone…

but I play shoto…and I hate playing against shoto…because it seems like everyone is so goddam random and they have no clue what they are doing…nothing is worse than jumping over a fireball you knew they were gonna do…but they failed it…and get a free DP on me…random Hurricanes…its all bad…/sigh…

i wish i could get to play more characters…but its the same freaking people…ehonda, ryu, akuma, bison