Hatred: -THE- Murder Simulator!


I kinda thought about posting this in the PC thread, but this game here being made by these Polish developers is lighting a fire under people’s asses. Haven’t seen people go nuts about about any videogame controversy since that airport scenario in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

TRAILER (eh, kinda NSFW):



It’s already generating a ton of heat press because well, obviously.

Other tidbits:

Gamespot Link:


So uh…


Ah fuck people already mentioned it in the (waay too big) Video Games General thread.
Where’s a mod when ya need one for help to delete threads…


looks like postal


What better way to market a game? Make something super controversial release a trailer, and have others do it for you.


I watched the trailer a few times now and I can’t get over how this guy can fit 2 grenades, 2 ammo clips and a knife into a single pocket.


Nathan EXPLOSION doesn’t need to follow logic noob.



Meh, if this had come out a few months earlier, Elliot Rodger would still be alive, but only if there was a sex minigame.


Game still not as good or as family friendly as RapeLay.


Bro, you have to wait for the Skwisgaar DLC that comes with interactive dildo.


pre-ordered :blush:


Not my cup of tea, gonna go back to shooting brown people on CoD


Postal without any hint of irony or humour, the logical conclusion i guess. I’ve been hearing some pretty bad things about the developers, being neo-nazi’s and what not, but i don’t whether that is true or not.


The Neo-Nazi thing isn’t confirmed but some members of the team are part of Anti-Islam & Immigration groups.


That’s pretty disappointing and disturbing if true.


Hopefully this makes it out to market… I hate when censorship and controversy crushes things. I’d be all over this games like flies on shit.


Eh…this is just a GRIMDARK State of Emergency. If it was made by a bunch of neonazis, it still wouldn’t be the first video game they’ve produced. The honors go to an FPS they made some years back where you went around shooting black people.


That game was called resident evil 5


So a hate group made a piece of hate media?

What else is new?


You never played the original Postal. The first game was just like this.