Hauppage PVR 1212 makes my display green


So i’m using an ASUS monitor on my xbox 360. hauppauge PVR to record. For some reason my ASUS monitor has this extra green tint when i’m using it.

From my hauppauge to the ASUS monitor i have a component RCA cable to VGA. Could this be the issue? I’ve used two different calbes and same exact issue. Thoughts?


bump anyone?


Component isn’t RGB, it won’t work with a cable, you’ll need to get a box to convert the signal from YPbPr to RGB.


oh wait, so even though the coloring is exactly the same it’s actually a different signal all together? I didn’t know this. Thanks.


to use my Hauppauge with a monitor I had to get a VGA to component converter box. VGA from Xbox to converter, converter out to Hauppauge, and then the converter VGA passthrough to the monitor. It is an expensive and touchy piece of gear… I’d just deal with the green tint if I were you


that or get a monitor that has component inputs and has 0 lag.


Asus has a monitor with hdmi and component input with minimal lag. I think its the VW266.


or what about this?


Usually for using the HDPVR with regards to monitors, it is best really to get the multi-input type monitors. The BenQ 24" series had them, and so does Dell so you don’t have to fiddle with these conversions in between (usually a bit of loss).

For Asus the VW266 as Spoonz suggested would be ideal.


I am using x2vga and it works perfect with hauppauge. get this if everything else fails.


so i can use this and then i just need a VGA cable from the NEOYA to my ASUS monitor?

this won’t cause me any lag will it?


it shouldnt as its a “true vga” box that doesnt upscan anything and only outputs native resolution. I tested sf4 and no noticeable lag.


I had the same problem as well with the HD-PVR. I’m responsible for setting up all the Audio/Video stuff for out tournaments and I encountered this issue a few times. Since I do full commentary/stream/record/projector, I wonder if I get a weak signal. I use the HD Fury 2 from the PS3 and it looks like that source needs to catch up with the USB data packets with the software. I’ll keep you posted on what my findings are.