Hauppage vs Blitzbox air duo?

Here is my setup.

My HDTV and xbox are approximately 30 feet away from my computer. my PC has 2gb or ram, a decent video card and is core duo something.

I would like to start streaming+recording tournaments or casuals that i hold at my home. If i stream, I want to be able to use Wirecast with the footage so I can add lower thirds etc.

What is the better solution here? A blitzbox air duo and suffer with the quality? (I’m seeing ranging reviews on this product saying it is good, bad, weird etc) or use a hauupage and somehow get a USB extension cord that reaches beyond 30ft? (Moving the PC is not an option – at least not now.)

I’m wondering if HD footage is overdoing it if i’m just looking to put clean video on youtube or stream from ustream.

Price is not an issue at this point for the product, I’m willing to spend for the hauppage and for a really long usb cord (if those even exist).

wondering what your thoughts and feelings towards each purchase would be and why.

Thanks in advance.

In the long run, the Hauppauge HD PVR and the extension cable (maybe get a component cable instead of USB) are best.