Hauppauge HD PVR

Hey I know this isnt the tech section but I am wondering if anyone has this? If so could you PM me and talk to me regarding any issues you have had with it, if you like it etc. I was checking the reviews on Newegg and alot of the responses were negative. I’m currently using a dazzle which works okay for my xbox games but on my ps3 the quality is horrible. Would love to record both systems in hd and this seemed like the best fit for what I have.

thanks in advance.

heard mixed reviews about that so I’m ordering a vulkano platinum

Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano - Watch YouTube on your TV

Has good reviews. Just ordered mine today.

That’s a good find man. I may have to get that one too. I agree there were way too many issues and negative issues with the hauppage. I also like that is has a hdmi port too bad there wasnt a hdmi input. I think I will pick that one up too. I want to read a few more things on it.

Well I checked some of the reviews and most of the negative reviews are those that were trying to upload to their phones. While a sweet concept I dont think I need that right now. I’m still sold on it having the HDMI out. I think I may wait until you get yours and ask you some questions regarding it. Do you see any signal/video degregation running your xbox/ps3 through it to the tv. Does the device have to be running for the aformentioned to work? Do you notice any lag while recording and playing.

If you dont mind you can PM me. I think it we can both perfect this it might be something to share here and the tech boards.

Thanks man.

Me and EA Megaman both have the Hauppauge HD PVR. It’s worked pretty good for both of us. Only real downside is no HDMI port.

Ahh I thought it was you and either EA Megaman that had it. I acutally ordered mine yesterday. I’m hoping it works well. If you dont mind I might PM you with some questions regarding setting it up and all that other fun stuff. And I agree about the hdmi. The item zass30 showed had a hdmi out but not an input so I dont know if that really matters in the end because you still have to come in use component video. Maybe I’m wrong. If so maybe I will return the hauppage and go with it. There is about a $50 difference less than the hauppage.

But I have seen the videos from EA and I think for just recording games I should be fine. I guess I have 2 weeks to see if I like it or not.

I have my 360 setup using VGA, is there a way i can record my matches?

I think about 40 of those things dropped before I finally got a damned Daybreak

my vulkano should arrive tomorrow so I’ll let you all know how it goes.

There are VGA to composite/component video boxes out there. Google PC to TV for example.

Ok I was able to capture my first video (its of assassins creed brotherhood)


For some reason it doesn’t appear to be formatted in widescreen, but other than that it seems fine. There was lag in HDMI so I switched to component splitting the signal so my xbox goes straight to tv and it seems fine. I’ll do an HDR one soon.

But that’s some info of what it looks like.

Cool man. My hauppage came today so hopefully tonight I will test mine and see how it goes. That sucks about the hdmi lagging though. Do you think it was because you were running at 1080p on your game system and then coming out in component which doesnt handle 1080p, just 720p? Maybe try outputting 720p through the hdmi on your game system. I only say that because the hauppage also states you cannot record at 1080i/p.

Looking forward to your other findings and thoughts.

All right I think what’s going on is that even though the Vulkano can accept input at up to 1080i, it can only output at 720x480, which STV (DVD quality)

That’s not what I want, which is to be able to record in HD. I’m seeing with customer support if there’s a way to get it to record in 16:9 aspect ratio (HD), but if not I may return the unit.

Can you confirm whether or not the hauppage ouputs STV or HDTV?


Okay here is my first recording. Mine recorded 1280x720 through component in a mpeg4 format. I was able to upload it right to youtube without doing anything to it. It came with software so I will play with it and see what it can do but as for right out of the box this thing works like a champ.

I have a component video switch box which my Xbox 360 and PS3 are both connected to it. From there I run component video out to the hauppage. And from the hauppage to my tv. No signal degradation and no noticeable lag which I ran into sometimes when I used my dazzle. The only problem with this setup is if you want to record a. the power must be on the hauppage and b. you need to either have a laptop around or have a tower next to your gaming area. Besides that it works great.

Is there a way to do that through VGA instead of component?

I’ll check for you rcaido. I think as someone mentioned above you need to get a vga converter that will allow you to out with with the vga and component video. Well at least if you use the hauppage or vulkano. You might also want to look at just getting a capture card on your laptop/pc and just get a vga splitter.

For what it is worth here is my review on the Hauppage HD PVR 1212.

Pros: Records in HD up to 1080i; (just a fyi my tv outputs in 720p and that is what I was recording)
Has component video output (any device that does not have component video output or hdmi is not going to be able to record in HD. Dont be fooled. It also has S-video but we are talking about HD so irrelevant right now.
Unit is very small and compact.
Records to mp4 format which allows you to upload immediately to youtube. No need to rip it or anything.
Software was easy to use. Hit capture to start recording and stop to end.
Due to popularity of people wanting to record video games and other video you can find at Walmart, BestBuy, NewEgg to name a few. I would suggest buying it from the aformentioned as opposed to ebay since you can have an easier time returning in case something were to go wrong. Also for what you can get it on ebay you might as well buy it from the other places mentioned.
Works with windows live media player. I’m sure it will work with other video editing software but that is what I am using.

Cons: Price; $200 is a little steep considering there are other video capturing methods as low as $35. Keep in mind though the other methods possibly do not record in HD. I had a dazzle dvc 100 and while it worked it was not in HD and the software was very buggy at times creating lag while recording. I know gaming is a hobby and an expensive hobby but still wanted to throw that at out there.
No internal hard drive. This means you have to have a laptop or desktop tower nearby when you want to record. For games that do not have internal replay saves like SSF4, you are forced to have it nearby or you miss out on recording.
Unit must be on when you want to play your game system since your game system runs through it.
Not able to record over your wireless network. Again for those who do not have a latop or tower nearby, this would have been a nice feature to have. Some other devices claim to do this.
No HDMI inputs. Component video is your only option of getting HD recordings.

Well those are my thoughts. Would I recommend it. Yes. If you want to record your games be it Street Fighter or any other games you cant go wrong. There are many reviews on this device that were negative. Keep in mind those reviews were for what the device is also capable of doing. Recording tv shows somewhat like a tivo or dvr and burning blue ray discs. It comes with a remote to operate a tv but again I have not used it for that and probably wont any time soon. Again for recording your games or recording family videos you should be fine with no problems.

Hope this helps.

I’ve been using one for almost a year now. I can say that overall I enjoy it. However, I do have some gripes.

  1. You can’t use it for streaming, it will take the video but not the sound due to Hauppauge drivers or something. As I’ve read up on it it has something to do with them and blu-ray

  2. It’s a 4-7 second delay from when you hit “record” to when it actually starts recording. There also is no editor with it, so you have to have an video editor program if you want to edit the videos.

  3. (and this could be considered a plus depending on who you are) You can’t change the recording resolution of the source image. Whatever the source is outputting is what you get as the file size. That includes the frame rate.

  4. No Composite/S-Video out. Though I don’t personally need it, it may be an option for some and is awkward that it accepts input but no output for that type. It will output it through the component video though.

Other than that, I have no qualms with it. The max bitrate is an “above average” quality where it doesn’t let you capture at the same mbps as a Blu-ray codec for example, but it does let you capture up to 13 mbps. Which is very close, and anything not 1080p wouldn’t need that size anyways.

If you’d like to see some videos of mine using it, check out my youtube page. Although, I should mention that Youtube drops every other frame of a 60 fps video due to them capping videos at 30 fps, and it compresses the video quality even at “720p”. (So my actual MP4s of my matches look almost 3D like due to the 60fps).

YouTube - Sorwah’s Channel

DOA4 (720p) (I believe this was miscapped at 8mbps instead of 13): [media=youtube]KH59YKh6sxY&hd=1[/media]
DOA3.1 (480p 16:9): [media=youtube]tgxDiz6Zj5c[/media]