Hauppauge or AVerMedia HD PVR? - Direct feed capture devices

I’m looking into getting an HD PVR to record MvC3 matches and LittleBigPlanet 2 stuff.

So far, I haven’t found anything under $200 that records through HDMI, which is kind of a drag, but I did find two boxes that seem to be pretty much what I am looking for. However, they use component. This isn’t a huge deal, I suppose, but I like having everything through HDMI as I do now, with no noticeable lag on my Sony Bravia KDL TV.

Here are the two I’m talking about:



Has anyone used either of these for 720p direct feed capture?

Does it cause lag to play using component pass through?

Are there any alternatives that use HDMI to record that are comparable in price?

Thanks for any help!

both links go to the same place

Edit: fixed the second link.

i use the hauppauge pvr and it woks fine for me.
recording is easy and straightforward, however if you wanna do streams you’ll have to do a bunch of run-around-tactics because it doesn’t natively support streaming.

I had a HD PVR and it recorded great. However, I hated streaming with is as Osiris said.

I just bought a Avermedia HD, and I love it for streaming, and it records well too.

Comes down to what you want to do…HD PVR has a lot of support on the scheduled recording programs, like for tv shows.

For videogame support…I like the Avermedia HD.

Mh, exactly wich tactics can you suggest to streaming from hauppauge?