Hauppauge with component/composite out?

I picked up a hauppauge hdpvr and I thought the composite in was the composite out :(. So I need either a converter to do component to composite or a lagless monitor that has component in.

If there is a converter that does component to hdmi, let me know. I’m hoping to not shell out too much for this solution.


I’m not entirely clear on what you’re looking for, to be honest; you mention needing no less than three different things in your post. If you could more precisely describe your set-up (aka the equipment you have, what kinds of signals each device can take/put out), and what end you’re trying to achieve, then people may be able to help you more readily.

You do need a monitor/TV that has component cable holes. You plug the cable that came with the pvr into those holes and then the other end into the top row of the pvr. Then (since I have a PS3, I’ll use it as an example) you take another set of component cables (bought them at Best Buy for like, 20$ or something), plug them into the bottom of the pvr and then the other end into the back of the PS3. I usually have trouble with my PS3 switching over to component, so I have to plug the component cables directly into the TV first to set the settings and then plug them back into the pvr. You don’t really need HDMI because it takes really good quality video. Here’s a sample of mine at work:


Is that sort of what you’re looking for?? Maybe I’m totally off the mark of what you’re asking for lol

No I get how to setup the pvr. Here is my setup.

Xbox > pvr
Pvr > tv

Pvr via USB to computer.

The problem is… Is the pvr to tv. So I’m gonna take the advice from the streaming thread.

Xbox hdmi > hdmi splitter

  1. hdmi to Asus vh236
  2. hdmi to hdmi/component converter

Converter to pvr via component.
USB to computer for recording.

Sound good?!?!?!

You need an HDFURY2 if you want to run HDMI

Why would I need an Hd fury?

HD Fury is an hdmi/component converter

I don’t see where the composite comes into play.

component != composite

But if the USB cord that came with the pvr is to your computer, you should be able to see it in the software window. Now you just confused me lol Guess I’ll shut up. :slight_smile:

I’m looking to play live on my tv and not the software window.

I was looking for composite because I have an old CRT.

So what i did was dropped like 280 on.

New Asus monitor with hdmi
Hdmi to component converter
Hdmi splitter.

And that setup should work :3

Ohh. Hope it works! Good luck!