Have a Astro city cab...Want to hook up a PS2 for Hokuto No Ken HELP PLEASE!


I am a new cab owner that just purchased a Astro City 1 cab. I am picking it up on friday, and I am told that it is setup for JAMMA. It comes with UMK3 and Alpha 2 which is alright, but I really wanna play Hokuto No Ken on PS2.

What I am asking for is some help with what things I need to buy. I’ve been looking at www.ultimarc.com, and while everything seems a bit understanding, I am still afraid that I will buy the wrong thing, which will totally mess me up.

So I ask the arcade community, what things do I need to buy to hook up a PS2 to my Astro city candy cab. It is hooked up with a JAMMA setup and I have a CPS2 MB there as well.

Any help would be GREAT! Thanks!

the ultimarc setup is pretty much all you need. unless your cab is missing a bunch of stuff. then wire buttons to converter and your good.


Scroll down all the way to the bottem. That’s all you need… unless your jamma doesn’t have a kick harness…

You need JPAC, controller adapter, and A/V adapter. Make sure the PS/2 (computer PS/2, not Playstation 2) to PS/2 cord is included, also. I believe you have an option when ordering JPAC for either that or USB-PS/2 cord. How is sound currently routed in the cabinet? Are there RCA’s routed somehow, or is it all through the JAMMA connector? Sound can be the biggest hassle, if there isn’t some existing “upgraded” system above and beyond standard JAMMA.

Welcome to the Astro Club Rodel… :slight_smile:

I see you went ahead and bought it off Harry?

That I did Mark. You should know about Harry’s cab right? Does it have all the cool stuff to hook up to a PS2? If not its cool. Btw, thanks everyone for the help…really appreciate it

Harry used to have the board to hook up a PS2 signal/controllers, but he sold it to qbert lol… not sure where it is now…

http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?cgiurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcgi.ebay.com%2Fws%2F&fkr=1&from=R8&satitle=ps2+jamma&category0=&submitSearch=Search you need to modify your harness a bit or the actual jamma edge connector for this thing. Works great though. Or email excellent about there SUPER http://excellentcom.net/super1.asp I have heard good things about this one but never tried it out.

Bah Im confused LOL! But I did buy the ultimarc PSX Control adapter/PS2 to JPAC device.

The question is do I have that particular board on my cab to hook up those devices…Guess I have to wait and see…


The JPAC connects directly to the JAMMA connector. The JAMMA connector should currently be connected to a game (or if not, you should have at least gotten enough information from the seller to know how to hook it up to a game ;)). When you get the JPAC, plug it into the JAMMA connector. JAMMA standard dictates missing pins at the G and 7, and JPAC also has a missing tooth at that point, so you can’t hook it up wrong. That right there is how the whole thing interfaces i/o. If you want to try and bring it by Thursday night, we can take a look at it together. PM me.

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If the jamma connector has the little ‘key’ in the spot the notch in the board is supposed to go to, sure, you can’t plug it in wrong, however I none of my 4 cabinets came with 'em. Without that key in, you can connect the harness upside down.

Check and double check before turning it on, and put some sort of ‘parts side’ / ‘solder side’ sticker or marking on the harness.