Have a conundrum

Well I am gonna build an arcade stick soon.

I already picked out the joystick (Sanwa JLF-TP-8T). Buttons are another story.

Now I’ve read that all Japanese parts are superior to Happ parts (one of the reasons I’m getting the sanwa stick). But I have a problem with the buttons. I wanted to get the sanwa 30mm buttons with the screw in nut. Then I saw they didn’t have any in black (which I really want). And then I saw the pop-in (nut-less) buttons had black but the problem is they seem so shallow that it seems that I would have to have an extremely thin top panel (4mm max according to slagcoin). Wouldn’t that sacrifice durability?

Are the Happ buttons so bad? I like that they are very long but I want to use the template on slagcoin and since its not measured in metric it wouldnt fit into the layout.

What do you think?

Also, if I do get the Japanese buttons, is it hard to find a 30mm drill bit (I’m in the US)?

Japanese parts are a lot more sensitive than american parts. If you really want black buttons, your best bet would be to get Seimitsu buttons (PS-14-GN) which are more sensitive than happ but less sensitive than Sanwa. They are also the same size as Sanwa, so you can use the Slagcoin layout

I don’t think getting a 30mm drill bit would be that hard to get

EDIT: did I really get -rep for this…

Thank you very much. I actually looked where to get a 30mm drill bit so that isnt a problem anymore.

But you cant fit the slip in buttons into anything thicker than 4mm? I don’t really wanna pay $3 for lesser quality buttons when I can get better for the same price. (i just cant believe they dont make black screw-in sanwa buttons) thanks

You put the snap ins on plexi or metal, then make a thicker wooden panel beneath it. The TE uses metal with a plastic top, quite sturdy.

If you are going to use a wood panel then you can countersink the button holes on the inside with a larger forstner bit. First you drill a small pilot hole. From the inside of the stick, I take a 1 5/8" forstnerbit to drill in partially from the bottom. How deep you go depends on the thickness. Say you have a 3/4" thick top panel, you want to drill about 1/2 inches from the bottom.

Then from the top side take the 30mm(1 3/16") bit using the pilot hole to drill on top. From the bottom you can screw in the nut.

Also if you are using acrylic you might want to just cut a hole the shape of the 8 buttons and drill the 30mm holes into the acrylic. Once you put artwork inside you won’t see the 1 big hole.


Semistsu vs Sanwa isn’t a quality thing, it just a preference


Here is the main difference:

Sanwa: NO resistance when you press the button. Button feels like its not even there. These are freaking GREAT for hitting those really tight one frame links.

Seimitsu: More resistance and faster pop back against your finger. Some Honda and Chun players who need to pull of complex piano inputs (hhs combos come to mind, HK legs combos come to mind) have said they prefer the Seimitsu buttons because of that aggressive pop back.

I own sticks with both, I play on both regularly and I can say that both are fantastic…its just a preference if you like a really “flimsy” button feel or a more firm button feel.

I hit tight links on both button sets, so neither is going to cramp your style.

Personally, JUST my opinion: HAPP buttons, compared to Sanwa or Seimitsu feel like obtuse, mushy, junk. I can’t play on them. I understand some people love them, and I’m not judging at ALL…but once I got used to the good Japanese buttons…now I find the HAPP buttons unusable.

The thing that I liked better about Happs than Sanwas is the clicking sound from the microswitch. I just like the sound.

Thanks everyone. I think I am gonna get the Seimitsu buttons, i like the fact that it has a quicker pop up (and they come in black lol). And plus, I am not sure I am not sure if I am gonna get plexi, don’t care much about art work.