Have A Crew??

How many of you guys have a group…a team that you play with? Go to tournaments with, practice with, just in general feel like you’re in a tight group with…and the focus is on your collective skills.

Do you guys hang outside of the games? Do you have a screening process to accept new members?

This is a little off topic, but I think more tournaments should be squad based. I think that would be cool, have different members of a squad play against other squads in various games to see who is the better overall crew.

Ya i do, its Team Tw!$t3d I made it 5 months ago we chill outside of games and we play games. There is no tryout or anything, the whole point of my group is to chill and meet new ppl and to make an impact on the community.

Right before the incident, my friend/ex boss started up a team for us called Team Revolution(IHADNOTHINGTODOWITHIT!!!).

…I haven’t heard that name in two months.

yeap!! and name is: LA FAMILIA DEL MAL!

I have one, but only one guy goes to tourneys. He was 13th place in the Woodbine classics. The others are great and I’m the junior member, but I live outside of the area so I stop by whenever I have time. We practice or just play Halo.

where in brooklyn are ya’ll?
im in jersey city, and need a crew to play street fighter with.

I got a couple of really good players from newark that are too broke to go to tourneys lol. but we get together and play each other and i hang out with some of them. Some of them smoke together (even though i dont) and we all practice at my house since i got the arcade setup. We dont have a name. matter of fact, call is team newark i guess. Yo Keith, we takin over this shit when i get back son.

Yeah, actually I’m in Team ForceZ. We have crew members in Virgina and Oklahoma. Might be getting some in Kansas too. We throw our own tournaments sponsering us. In the VA area we throw 3 TTFZ tournys that went rather as the next one came. Then we had 2 at own local arcade. We were allways accepting new members that were willing to learn. Its very fun.

I’m a loner. =p

I have a few friends I talk to in the arcade like Chibi and Nick, but that’s about it.

Yeah my old crew Team Southfield was really something. We threw tournaments with just us and had tournaments in the area. We were skilled and were poised to really make a name for ourselves in the Michigan scene.

Then everyone including me moved away to college, and the younger members just didn’t continue on the legacy (because they weren’t that good and didn’t care).

I wish I could bring it back, but I’m wondering what’s the point. Half the crew will be in a month and a half.

do you know Big Mike? he told me to come out to irvington to play at that store on springfield… havent been yet.
sign me up.

Sup, I’m pretty much new to the forum stuff but for almost a year I’ve been putting together a team, we’re called Side 7, we’re based out of DC/MD/VA. We’re trying to organize the Bring The Heat tournament centered at Montgomery College Rockville, you can check out the post over in the Tourney section for more on that. As far as what we do we usually hang out outside of gaming as well as inside it whereas we usually all agree on MvC2, CvS2, SCII, 3s, and KoF2k2. Then, like, personally, I’m big on the DOA and MK series, as well as Bloody Roar ( oh god, I can feel the flames coming on already ), while Yahikoholic is big on SNK stuff, and Dsparil is huge into GGXX#R. Plus we do FPS stuff on occasion, Halo 2, Timesplitters 2, all that stuff. As far as joining there’s no real qualifications or anything, usually we’ve been doing stuff on Wednesdays in the Student Lounge at campus though we haven’t been active lately as we probably should be, personally I really hope this tourney thing works out so we can get the scene active again and take it back to the days of arcade gold where you had to have skills if you were gonna put your quarter up. We’ll see…

You start a tournament, give a time and date, and we’ll be there. we still got a month and a half left, plust whatever vacations we get.

As for squad based tourney’s, they’re actually pretty popular in Japan.

renocrew for life



We were going to organize a 'squad’based tournament here in BC. We divided and arranged ourselves according to the arcades we play in. But it didn’t go thru because our tourney organizer is ass (LoL taRiQ i hope you aint reading this)

Having a team tourney sounded fun… until you realize 1) you have to make up for someone else’s mess up, and 2) your mess up can cause your team to lose. Then you conclude : Street Fighter ain’t no team sport.

I got a cut on my thumb its hurts like a biznatch i gotta stop typing now.

Its not a Team if you don’t realize you have to help each other in developing skillz and just tell them to do your best. I guess your not the leader of your team… (or what once was)

don’t get me wrong lol I love the idea of SF teams. Just not Team Tourneys.

years ago our friends created team AoD (Angels of Death) We played Countersrtike, SF, MvC2, Diablo SSB:M and many other games. each of us had a specialty (Me being smash) Alas…what with school, and work, our team has disbanded. :sad: I only hang with one member of the team now but hopefully the AoD will return! :karate:

lol, I see. I still like Team Tournaments, considering I run the tournaments representing our team all the time.