Have a heart! Help a brotha'

I have a video file can anyone out there do me a favor and turn it into a gif file. I would much appreciate it. thanks

AIM- airswish99
MSN- airswish99@hotmail.com
email- airswish99@aol.com

please, please.

See ya in Image Mishmash.

dude, you should know better. hopefully they’ll just move the thread instead of closing it…

I tried there a few weeks back, I do know better, noone replied. thanks for the advice and sorry for any problems caused.

well, just in case you haven’t tried it, if you google
turning video format into gif
you might find what you are looking for.

dude, I tried that too… I tried many different programs numerous times and they never worked… one had an error and another just couldn’t do what I was asking… for example… anyway, thanks, and yeah I always do ‘some’ research before asking.