have a Hori RAP *4 V nintendo switch, want to make it work for PS4.

I got the hori RAP V as my first stick and i love it and have lot of fun playing it, but i ran into an issue at my first meetup. I couldn’t connect to ps4.

Does anyone know if certain converters (brooks or titan’s) can take the Hori RAP V nintendo switch stick and convert it to ps4?

I would like to keep this stick and not have to save up again just to buy one for ps4 (cost nearly 200$ for me) so if there is a cheaper alternative i’d love hear it.

I am aware of the UFB, but i had a hard enough time trying to build my own PC. Im not opening the stick and potentially fucking things up cause i dont know what im doing. thats a last resort.

Edit: if there are other options for converting it im all ears, i want to use this stick if at all possible. In part cause getting another one is too costly for at least 2 months and another reason is that red cover looks so good

Look up dual-mods.
Brooks UFB us only one option.
You can take a cheap ps4 pad and pad hack it
Then dual mod it with the existing switch pcb.
You will need a DPDT switch for system selection

Im sure there’s possibilities still open. Im not jumping straight into modding and hacking things. that always backfires so im gonna see if other options open up.

Also i didnt have a single clue what you said after the brooks ufb

Not sure about Titan converters (I hear little good info about any converters that aren’t by Brook), but Brook doesn’t seem like they make a Switch-to-something converter.

What @Darksakul said in the second part of his message refers to some of the basic approaches if you were to open up your current stick, gut another controller for the PCB, and connect it all so that it works on both platforms.
If you’re interested in that and you’re not familiar with the process or terminology, there’s a lot of reading and info that you can absorb from here.
If you’re not considering that solution (yet), then it’s nothing to worry about for the time being.

Why would it backfire? People do it here all the time.
Its a quite common mod actually.

I don’t think he meant in general; I was assuming that he meant that it would backfire for him; ie, he feels that he has butterfingers or ham-hands and will likely break things rather than fix things. :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished doing this exact mod, so if you’re eventually up for attempting said last resort I might be of assistance.

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Kevinsano, im in the same situation. Ive gotten the UFB with the header and the arcadeshock kit, but cannot figure out how to connect start, home, select R3/L3 and DP/LS/RS on the Switch RAP V. Would you happen to accept a job for this?

Hi! Do you happen to accept jobs to connect the Switch RAP V to most parts of the UFB (like start select capture home, R3/L3, DP/LS/RS? Thanks

If you dont want to mod just look for a ps4 rap V on local listing. they come up for like $55ish used all the time. especially its missing a cable door.