Have a light move come out immediately during a jump

I am not sure how I did it, but I have done it about 5 times now where I will jump - usually a super jump - and a jumping light move (light kick/light punch) will come out immediately after the jump, and stay out throughout the jump. It’s always a mess up on my part. Any idea of how this happens?

ur stick is broken.

or ur frantic and happen to mash it in an attempt to throw it out quicker and beat their attack.

It’s a mistake, but I don’t know how to do it normally. The light move comes off, but it is extremely quick - much faster than if I hit up and mashed a light move. (Maybe it works for moves other than lights?) It’s like an insta-jump/light attack that lasts throughout the entire jump.

I am actually trying to *recreate *it. You see, whatever it is that is happening, it is extending the duration of the light attack in the air it appears by making it come out incredibly fast - immediately after a jump starts, with no visible frames of normal jumping appearing (as in no move is being executed in the air).

Let me try to be more clear:

A light move is coming out as soon as I jump. That is, *far *faster than if I hit up (in any direction) and pressed an attack button. For a light attack, this comes out immediately, and last for the duration of the jump. It seems to happen more often with lights, and I believe it happened at most once with a roundhouse.

This is how Ken’s jumping short and jab work. As people have mentioned, they’re really fast. And with Ken, he just sticks out his elbow or his knee until he lands regardless of whether or not you attack at the beginning or end of the jump. If that’s not it, I really don’t have any idea of what’s going on.

Yeah, that’s not it. I’ll try to get a video of it happening.

Here’s another question that may shed light on the current one. In some videos, on an opponents wake up, the ken will jump backward and roundhouse at the same time, hoping to catch the opponent - often against Hugo. It comes out pretty fast, but I can’t tell if it’s sooner or later than normal. Is this a special tiger-knee type motion or is it a normal backward j. rh?

oh ok. since you wanna know that. yeah its used against Q Hugo and Urien most.

do it when you think they will grab/360/720.

on how its done, think of how you drum buttons. like that type of method, but instead you do with ur direction and button. what i do is i double tap the button to make sure it comes out RIGHT AFTER i jump back.

some other things you can do is, c.lk c.lk, walk up and act like ur gonna throw, but instead jump back hk in their face.

I think jump back round house works on anyone at least shoto height (I think I’ve pulled it off a few times in practice mode) but the timing for them is pretty strict.

yeah i did it on a standing oro today. its possible on just about anyone that stands i think.