Have any ps3 players noticed a speed increase in online matches in the last 2 days?


Lately I’ve been getting almost no lag at all, and last night, I played against a yellow connection who had NO lag, beat him, then on impulse played a red connection who joined the room later, and that was about the same speed as a yellow connection USED to be for me.


Lol sounds like they ninja patched it.

I’ll try for my 360 today, maybe I’ll experience the same.


well that was never the case for me when i played against Red connections but it did happen often when i first started playing it online 3 weeks ago when i was playing against yellow connections


I haven’t played KOF12 online because I’m waiting for the patch, but I might have to try it now after reading this. Maybe they have better servers now?


Nope. Placebo effect.


It’s all in your head. :looney:


I did notice more lag free matches on 360 last night, but it was back to reality today.

I think it’s just people thought the patch was out and were actually playing.

Part of the problem wiith the netcode is that not enough people are playing, so you have to go farther out to find people.


What I’m afraid of is that the patch comes out, it works like its supposed to, but we’re left with just laggy Mexicans/Japanese to play against, so the patch is rendered kinda moot.

All you people saying “I’m waiting till they patch it” to hop online, you better show up :arazz:


it might be some time this week who knows. I still go to practice mode everyday to learn everything I can till they fix it… hmmm.


Word…I don’t even care about playing those guys. Why can’t we

1: Have our own dedicated regional servers for better stability


2: have a CHOICE on whether or not we want to search for matches outside our regions

I get so damn tired of looking for matches and only finding brazillian, mexican, and japanese room sometimes.


Yea I think the same it was pretty nice playing so many good matches lately