Have any stick builders done this? About wood:

Almost every day I see a post on craigslist about free trees and free firewood, and one of my uncles has loads of firewood sitting around that I can take if I wanted.
These woods are usually Cedar wood and Oak wood.
So basically, I can get free wood, but the question is, how do I make it into blocks/panel sized usable piesces for stick building?

So have any of you stick builders processed your own wood to make sticks with? What kind of tools would I have to use and what process?

Thanks :lovin:

You could mill the wood into lumber using only a table saw.

Clamp a log onto a straight piece of lumber, 2x4, whatever. Run the straight piece of lumber along your table saws fence. This will put your first straight cut on your log. Now run the straight edge of your log against the table saw fence. Now you have two straight edges.

Rinse and repeat until all the bad wood and bark are removed.

Then when you have 4x4 straight log, you can rip it down to 1.25" thick lumber.

You will need to stack it allowing for ventilation and what not to let it continue to dry out for a year or so. Otherwise it will warp, check and crack as it continues to shrink down and release moisture.

Good idea but really wood doesn’t cost all that much when constructing a stick. Its way more effort than needed.

I have seen some shows on the process of home lumber making. It’s a really long process. As TMO said, you’re going to have to cut and let the wood dry before it’s even usable. I also saw an industrial lumber segment on the show How It’s Made. They have ovens to bake the wood to dry it. Everything is done in a controlled environment. It is quite interesting.

It would be better just to buy the “select” line of wood at Home Depot or Lowes. If you want to go with more exotic woods, you’re going to have to cut and plane the wood to get a squared piece.

Damn, a year of drying! Thats a long time…

Yeah, I guess its easier just to buy the ready made wood.

Thanks for the help though, much appreciated.