Have anyone bought the new TE-S sticks in Canada?

I’ve been looking for the new SSF4 TE-S stick for a while. Didn’t see anyone selling it in Canada as of now. If you have got one please tell me how you bought it and how much?


They’re not available in Canada, I’m afraid. No retailer wants to stock them here. You’ll have to order them from the U.S. =/

GOOD NEWS, Capcom store can ship SSF4 sticks to Canada!
$149.99 + $50 shipping. Seems more dependable than ebay

Then customs bumrushes you with another $20 in duties… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bought one from www.focusattack.com
You should defenitly get it from here. Paid mine 124.99$ +tx (was a promo) and I think they are at 139.99$ now.
Just tell em you want it to be shipped as a gift and you should save a lot on customs.