Have anyone else ran into this while playing Sakura?



So every time I pick Sakura when running sets with a couple of friends, they literally complains every step of the way about how “broken” every single button Sakura has.
I could do a max range cr.mk to hp.srk and they will pause the game just to complain how her cr.mk hitbox is “broken”, or complain how st.hk and hp are op because it beats out most of their normals etc.
Are there more people out there that are this salty about Sakura or is it just the people I play with?


Did you take the round when they paused?


Haha, it was just casuals. He paused it mid srk animation. We typically don’t take it that seriously unless
you pause it intentionally to mess up the other persons setup etc.


Well I sometimes get complaints, but they don’t go as far as pausing the game mid match and to be fair her up close normals are all extremely good. I’d say if you they think she’s so broken let them play as her themselves and see how well they do. If they’re usually playing someone with a good invincible reversal, chances are you can just pressure them to death, because they can’t mash their way to victory any more.


Your friends are scrubs and you should get new friends


Haha idk. He’s better than me at the game but I guess the funniest part of all this is that he me mains Akuma lol.


The main things I hear a lot is QQ LK tatsu QQ j. HP QQ EX tatsu heheh haters gonna hate


Oh and if he mains Akuma and he can’t keep Sakura out, he’s playing Akuma wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


The match is in you favor and you are complaining about my character? lol okay haha


Exactly XD Just like my cousin started getting so mad at me cause I won a few matches against his Kung Lao on MK9, when Sindel vs Kung Lao is 8-2 in his favor and it’s the main reason he picks the character >.>


My friends bitch about her cr.mk and how its not normal that she has legs that long and how do i beat that!! Then i startrd abusing her hp any version lol and it was omg i cant jump in! It beats everything why is it so fast? I love every moment of it because i always lose to my friends when i used to use ibuki since she has trex limbs i would always get out footsiesed because im not that great at the game so now that i have a character that is basic in terms of the mid game had has fantastic buttons both close and far as well as great dmg output i started winning and gaining confidence in my skill something ibuki had me lacking. I bath in their salty tears now! The tables have turned bitches.


I remember some Sagat player messaged me back in AE2012 about how her cr.mk was busted or something. People will always find something to complain about, even after we’ve been balanced.


Haha so true, the other day someone was complaining to me how she can combo into ultra with only one meter, and the guy was playing abel of all chars, who can combo with no meter into ultra…


Haha I love it. Now people are complaining about her cr.hp anti air saying you can’t beat it xD


Balanced??? They didnt change any of her buttons really other than fix her busted j.hp. In all honestly shes fine i think its because shes so simple on paper and she hits like a monster truck people get surprised when they get destroyed by her because in reality its not like shes anything special. The extended combos cause anger because they dont get to play. Theres really nothing to rage about. You just have to play fair against her since she has an answer for almost everything


The only people that have a right to rage is Bison players, if you’ve played a Sakura that’s Japanese. The hidden scumbag tech I had to overcome. I don’t even think it’s as useful in Ultra because of DWU.