Have Capcom Fighting Game Makers Heard Of Evo?

Just wondering if anybody here knows if the Capcom fighting game creators know just how big Evo is and if they ever attend the event???

Didn’t we just hold the finals of ST for evo west at a capcom booth in some convention?

Capcom put a 1,000 dollars of their own money into last year’s Evo.

half the development costs of cfj

Daigo with a full parry… follows with a combo and wins!!!

1000$ ? Greedy bastards.

Cheap Bastards.

The average Marvel Money match is 5 times that amount

LOL. I was hoping I wasn’t the only person who thought that was kinda cheap. Oh well…Capcom’s gotta make dat money. Resident Evil is their new generation money maker.

Although it was cheap at least they did something which is better than the nothing they’ve done the past few years.

Maybe they’ll step their game up to $2000 come next years evo >_>

ummm, i doubt they care, all they want to do is make teh moneys >_>…


but that way ( putting money out to help gamers)
is a good way to keep a solid fan base( not that they dont already have one but more is always good). if capcom helps me pay my bills i would definitely buy some of their games if i was in their shoes thats at least what i would do
i would predict that if their sales in the us boost by even a little bit then they would put more money towards evo. but thats just a random prediction of mine ( it probably wont happen.)

Have they ever heard about our anxiety on SF4? Do they know about how excited we get everytime some breaking news shows, like: “Capcom will make 3 huge announcements at TGS”? Do they read our prayers “SF4 plz!” in this and all over the world Fighting Game boards?

The world hungers for Street Fighter! Enough of underrated copies, enough of anime/miniskirt hentai fighting games! Bring on the real shit!


And put more money on EVO, cheap ass…

Face it capcom isnta fighting game company anymore their next gen…

Even thought they have the huge possibility too make a killing in japan too release would cost alot and capcom has been burnee before and doenst want to take the risk with street fighter 4

cant tgs be over so people ill slow down on the sf4 bullshit?

your anxiety fool, your anxiety.

fuck that i wanna see a new ghouls and ghosts with online co-op

whatchu talkin bout im still satisfied with super turbo
i only got into 3rd strike cause it came with the anniversary collection
and anime miniskirt\ hentai fighting games are the shit
have you played melty blood or arcana hearts for that matter

i agree
but its a start.

He’s asking about the creators, who happen to be from, live in JAPAN. Why are we bringing CAPCOM of AMERICA into this (they donated 1,000)?

I doubt the creators of SF know about Evo. Even if they did, only thing you would get from them, may be a little thank you message.

I’m sure they know it exists. I doubt they care though.

The thought of how much money/effort they’d have to put into SF4 to satisfy us and how much money they’d make in return (nothing… less than nothing - they’d lose money) is just laughable.