Have fighting games been getting worse?

Alright, you guys probably think I’m talking shit right now, but I feel like fighting games have gotten worse. I mainly play Xrd and man, that game has been more stressful than fun even when I’m winning. Most fighting games nowadays have pretty long ass combos, abusive mechanics or something along those lines that just makes me feel like “What the hell are they doing?”

I get that older games had some long combos too, but for the most part, it wasn’t like this. It wasn’t this consistent and intentional. Nowadays, it’s like handing a grown man to pick up his pacifier cause he never learned as a baby. I play a game like Xrd, it’s a one sided battle or another one sided battle, but almost nothing in between. The game has changed completely and the mechanics have become extremely abusive. The pressure strings are 12X longer for no good reason. And it isn’t much different for a game like DBZF.

Guilty Gear use to be a game that was all about back and forth battles. Now it’s just a turd stain of what it use to be. And when I go to other fighting games, a lot of them still have similar issues. A moment to stop/slow down time and gain the upper hand, a one sided battle, easy and free knockdowns, long combos. It’s just lame as all fuck. Then I hear these frauds saying shit like “Oh, but it’s ALWAYS been like that”, but no it hasn’t. I’ve played a lot of old fighters but it was never this straightforward and bland; so consistently. Yeah there were games that had that kind of shit, but usually it wasn’t intended and it wasn’t just the majority of games. Plus, we live in an age where glitches and infinite loops like that could be fixed.

All I’m saying is, fighting games have turned into something far more abusive and far less respectable than before. To a degree where playing predictably is pretty much encouraged at times or the mechanics are just really abusive in general. Honestly, I don’t think something like Xrd deserves a place at EVO either and was kind of glad it was pulled from the roster. I use to play XXAC because people would do new and unique shit. Plus every installment, they’d make the game more exciting. For the past almost 5 years now, I rarely see players try anything new or unique and the game has played almost NOTHING in the spirit of what I remember.

I really hope fighting games do take a different direction considering SAM SHO is coming out, but I have doubts man.

Wrong subforum…go cry here:



I’m not crying. I’m just stating that fighting game’s shit stinks nowadays. You can call it what you want though cause you’re probably like most of the fighting game community. Just a bunch of jackasses who think they’re badder than they really are. I did cry once though, in your mama’s panties. They just smelled so good

Not really…because no one who posts regularly in general discussion cares about fighting games.

You would have known that if you read the description…but I can see you are a dumbass.

And you cried on my mother’s underwear?
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Trust me, you’re better off not caring. fanbase sucks, today’s fighting games kinda suck and the skill gap has decreased significantly. The word fun was erased from the dictionary for them and replaced with the word “Win”.

There you go whining again…

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I just want to let you know that, I didn’t read your post. Okay love you :slight_smile:


At this point, I want this one locked. It’s been useless "^^

Well your OP is full of whining and crying while having a very clear lacking grasp of the history of fighting games, mechanics, or combos.

So yea threads been useless from post 1.

P.S. you are absolutly crying by the way.


No, I’m really not. I’m pretty relaxed right now.

Overall, there has been bullshit in older fighting games. I get that. But they weren’t like THIS. If you watch older Guilty Gear matches, they weren’t always a one sided battle so consistently and for so long. Plus, the moves even look lame. There was bullshit in older fighting games, but now it’s just kind of intentional overall.

Also, you aren’t making any “valid points” either. No offense Radiant, but you sound like most of the fighting game fanbase. Willing to throw out insults, talk big smack, yadda yadda, just a bunch of jerks to be blunt "^^. So what you’re saying is worse than what I’m saying, cause you’ve provided absolutely nothing.

I mean, when was a game fun when you’re getting your inputs eaten, someone gains 2 frames of invincibility and they slow down 1 opponent at the cost of 25% meter all at the same time? I want to know how that’s fun. I’d rather deal with getting a DP in my face over that.

Plus, it’s more the consistency of how often this happens nowadays and how heavily encouraged it is. Yeah, previous fighting games had long combos, but now it’s just almost every fighting game and far too often.

So please post something specific. I already made a few comparisons between GGXXAC and Xrd, but didn’t want to create a greater “wall of post”.

Went ahead and fixed that for you homie.

@Geese_Pants was nice enough to direct you to the sub-forum to which you can air your grievances.

General Discussion is absolutely not the place to do it. It is for everything NOT fighting game related. While we DO talk about fighters throughout random threads fighters have never and will never be a focal point of GD.

So instead of going where you’re supposed to go to post shit posts like this you went on the defensive. Not a good look for a new person. Especially when you’re absolutely in the wrong.

Trust me. Everyone is going very “kids gloves” on you, as it were right now. Including me.

So. Either quit being a bitch. Or ask for the thread to be locked. Cause no one here fucking cares about what you have to say.


I am not referring to your emotional state. I am referring to the content of your posts. They are of full whining and crying because people play optimally instead of experimenting during a match that matters like some kind of fucking moron.

Bullshit has been in these games from day 1. I’ve been watching and playing Guilty Gear for over 15 years, the games can go back and fourth and sometimes it’s it’s super one sided. Have been seeing the same for Xrd so I don’t really get this observation, matches go back and forth all the time.

I’m Not trying to provide anything or make any kind of point beyond you are whining. I don’t give a shit if you think I’m a jerk or not. Completely irrelevant to me and this conversation over all. Waste of a paragraph.

I can be a jerk if that’s what you really want since you feel so inclined to call me one.

I don’t owe you an explanation of what I think is and isn’t fun. This isn’t about me. Its about you. You are the one whining, not me.

Then stop playing.

Like what?

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No, you’re being typical. Seriously, you can throw whatever you want, but no insult will change the fact that you guys aren’t good people. You can call me a little bitch, but it just shows what you are. Wow, people are backing you up. So? Big deal.

As far as anything, you’ve been very useless to the discussion. You think this has to do with “playing optimal” or doing good? This has to do with how fun fighting games have truly been and how abusive they’ve become in a sense to appeal to people who didn’t want to learn the game in the first place. All of them are becoming the same old shit.

In XXAC, they would experiment all the time and just know what to do. It’s a reason I loved the game. Yeah, there was bullshit, but in Xrd, it’s just “durr, press a button and I have free neutral”. It’s a stupid mechanic overall that shouldn’t be applied to any game and has kind of erased the meaning of the game overall. I’m not gonna tell them NOT to you use it. I’m more stating, in the future things like this shouldn’t exist. I mean, why play smart when you CAN play like a moron and still do well? Plus, why the fuck is anyone using any of their characters if they for an instance just become as good as anyone in the game consistently?

Sigh Listen, if you really think you’re so good and my word isn’t shit. If you really think that I’m all talk, would you care to fight me in Xrd? You say I’m whining and honestly, that’s all you’ve done so far. So at this point if I’m whining, then you’re whining about my whining. All I want is a real conversation at this point.

As far as posting something specific: “Well, the reason they did that is Blablabla. I can see what you mean as to games becoming a little more repetitive than before and mechanics that can draw the line”

Instead, all I’m getting from you guys is insults, no surprise. (No offense, it’s just throughout many years, the SRK fanbase has been like this and the fighting game fanbase in general. Your reputation isn’t exactly unearned)

From the dude who said that he cried in my mother’s undergarments…saying we’re not good people?


Your idea of fun is subjective, that’s why I haven’t bothered to address it. Waste of time to talk about something subjective like “fun.”

How do they know “just what to do” if they are experiementing? If they know just what to do then it isn’t a fucking experiement.

As for doing stupid shit, I’ve spent years watching Kusoru do everything you are not supposed to do in pretty much every GG game and he wins a lot so saying you can’t play dumb in old Guilty Gears is factually incorrect.

I don’t know why this paragraph exists. I never said I was good and I never said you where bad. I never called your skills into question. I said you where whining and crying cuz you are. You can be a very good player and still be a whiney cry baby, just look at that Smash player Leffen. He is very good but he’s also a massive cry baby bitch. Skill and behavior are not intrisnicly tied together.

So no I wont play Xrd with you because me playing you has nothing to do with anything.

Well I can’t say that because I don’t believe it to be true. Games are more unique and varied then they have ever been before and if you are seeing repetitive play it’s due to optimization of the systems & characters in order to reap the highest reward from a good read. This is how it’s always worked, 15 years ago it watching dudes paint the fence in CVS2 over and over and over because it was optimal. They didn’t experiment in the middle of the match to see if they might find something better then Pain the Fence, they did what worked reliably. Always have and always will.

We are very proud of our reputation, so no offense taken.



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Everybody should be in their best behavior.


Who said we were good people? As you can clearly see, GD is full of ass holes. We’re all grizzled young vets who want to talk about dumb every day shit that amuses us.

But unlike you we know where to post and where not to.

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