Have fun SCRUB

So I’ve decide to start a thread dealing with SUPER scrubs on PSN/XBOX Live SSFIV networks. If you have encountered a super scrub that thinks he’s God’s gift to earth and you want to expose him please feel free to post his Tag in this thread. I’m going to start off the thread by mentioning a Ryu scrub by the name of: tororipper on PSN network. If you encounter this player please do not waste your time for you will only be dealing with shoryuken mashing and jump back fireballs YOUR WELCCOME. :china:

Bloodyxhawk PSN Spams Fierce Kick with Bison the WHOLE match.

I played this dumbass scrub by the name of BumpyPickles on PSN the other day. He was there to suck dix and play Street Fighter, and he was all out of Street Fighter.

Why are you complaining about a Bison who spam HK the entire round? That’s an easy win for you.

BTW I love you capitalize “your” when it should be you’re.

P.S It’s

jab, strong, fierce
short, forward, roundhouse.

Fierce kick? Nah he was spamming roundhouse.

So to sum it up you’re calling people scrubs when your grammar, and knowledge of the game are for a lack of better word… scrubatstic! :tup:

In the voice of Charlie Sheen “you’re not winning.”