Have gotten malware (and god knows what else) from browsing 2 times now

When I go to a new page on SRK the ‘Java 6’ pops up, then all my internet browsers close and I’m stricken with the ‘XP Security’ malware which is a pain to deal with.

Though this has only happened on my work PC, it’s still something that should be known.

Man I got malware a few days ago and I couldn’t even do a system restore. I had to redo my entire system. I don’t even go to that many sites either, so now I’m wondering if it was from here or maybe even TZ.

Added issue, I can no longer browse this site on my work computer (though maybe that’s for the best because of the malware issues). Not sure if it’s related to the malware I received but any time I go to a new page SRK logs me out.

And yeah, that shit totally fucks up your system restore and safe mode it seems (tho safe mode with networking works). rkill + super anti virus spyware eventually did the trick.

I am using computer without security. There is a chance that you’re visiting a website that you don’t know it’s affected. Also, IE is more likely to get infected than other browsers it-self. Also, make sure you don’t click any ads on facebook, myspace, Youtube because those ads also are affected (those free stuff, etc). Not saying that SRK’s ad will create a virus towards your PC. I’ve been browsing freely without an issue on my end.

Yeah I got the same problem just an hour ago browsing the site.

GOFORBROKE: No, I’m pretty controlled with my browsing on my work PC. I’m very sure it’s SRK. Twice, right after I went to a new page on SRK that java6 popped up, then all hell broke lose.

I have (so far…) been fine on my personal PC.

Have you visited that same link multiple time at SRK and then you received a malware?

For those who don’t know. Please use AVAST or AVG as an anti-virus. If you wish to get your PC clean. I’ll ask my brother if he wishes to help out (you’ll need Team Viewer).

Overall, I have yet to experience these kind of malware. Please provide a link (that you recently visited to duplicate; don’t worry. My brother will clean my PC if anything) to see if Wiz and the staff can pin-point the issue.

Just got some help from Beats to clean up my comp and it worked great. Hopefully whatever this issue is gets resolved soon. I’m on SRK way too often to get blasted by viruses.

yeah I didn’t browse SRK at all today at work :frowning: still didn’t get shit done anyway tho lol

GOFORBROKE: it does not seem to be any particular page that sets it off. seems to be just one of the random ads


In order to be affected by it. You have to click an ads. SRK doesn’t have any files of the ads he has on the website. SRK is running a given code by Google Ads.

However, hopefully Wiz has looked into this thread and see what he can do about it.

The malware thing hit my computer not even 2 minutes ago. I’m using google chrome and it popped up on my Kaspersky Anti-Virus. I simply was just scrolling through the forums and I did not click on anything. In fact my cursor was in the middle of the screen where all the text is. I’m going to run a series of scanners now just to make sure Kaspersky did it’s job.

This is what I’m seeing on my screen right now


Huh. I recently had a bout with malware, and I had no idea what the source of it was. I guess it was through SRK, since I had an issue where basically I was browsing, everything shut down, and a “Windows” virus scanner that I didn’t already have opened up and began scanning. I couldn’t run any other program because of it.

I managed to get it off with some help, and I basically switched to a non-admin user on my PC, and it seems to be doing the trick. I know I’m running my anti-virus and anti-malware a bit more often now that I got the malware off. So far, so good.

another effect of the malware seems to affect my google. google searches don’t work the first time. and the first link in google always redirects some stupid ads.

just in case anyone had the above issues with google but not the other issues.

Also, another person (he hasn’t posted in here) had this issue a couple days ago and asked me for help. so that’s quite a few already…

I also want to throw my hat into the ring. My home PC (XP, Firefox) was hit rather hard without ever clicking ads.

i had this happen too. i was running IE at the time.

switched to firefox +adblock pro, and havent had any issues

XSS, clickjacking, java, javascript, and flash sploitz are the worst!