Have problem doing headbutt after 3 jabs? HELP!



I can only get it less than 50% of the time. If I try the cr.lp cr. lp cr.lk to headbutt… it doesn’t always headbutt.

I can always get a cr.mp to headbutt. Or a cr.lk to headbutt when doing a 2 hit combo,… but when I combo beforehand with a cr.lp cr.lp it doesn’t always headbutt.

I can’t seem to put my finger on why when I add the 4 hit combo it is much harder to pull off the headbutt at the end… I mean I would think if I can always do a cr.lk --> headbutt two combo move, why can’t I always get a cr.lp cr.lp cr.lk to headbutt four combo move.

I assume it must be the timing between the cr.lk to headbutt, is it increased in a 4 hit combo or decreased???

Help!, I’ve watched demos of people and see that they also miss the headbutt many times so I don’t think I’m alone here.


its cause you are cancelling the c.lp into c.lp. you have to link them so that you can cancel from the c.lp into headbutt.

in sf4 you cannot cancel 2 moves in a row.

the reason the cr.mp to headbutt works is because you are canceling from the cr.mp into headbutt with nothing cancelling prior to it.

same thing goes with the cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lk -> headbutt. you must link the cr.lp to cr.lk and not cancel em, otherwise you won’t be able to cancel into the headbutt.


For c.lp x 3 to headbutt, you can rapid mash the first 2 jabs, but you have to link the third jab before cancelling into headbutt. So it basically goes: c.lp xx c.lp (pause) c.lp xx headbutt.

Same goes for c.lp c.lp c.lk headbutt: c.lp xx c.lp (pause) c.lk xx headbutt.

Work on the pause timing or else you’ll get two sets of 2 hit combos.

The reason why you have to link the third normal in each combo is because the game won’t let you cancel a normal into a special unless said normal was linked. so rapid fire c.lp c.lp xx headbutt wont work, but c.lp, c.lp xx headbutt will.


You’ll probably have an easier time if you can get a consistent rhythm down when tapping c.lp c.lp c.lk. The link timing with the two c.lp and c.lk is lenient enough such that you can use the same amount of pause in between all the inputs and still be able to combo into headbutt.


You CAN’T cancel into clk. Its non-chainable.


It’s not cancelable into itself, but I find if you hit c.lk too quickly after a c.lp, the headbutt won’t come out. I’m assume you can cancel the c.lp recover frames with a c.lk, which is why the headbutt won’t come out sometimes.


Nope. You can’t cancel normals into other normals that aren’t chainable. When you do it too fast its just that you’re just plain fucking it up.


yes you can. go into training mode and try it for yourself.

if you mash out jab jab short, it won’t cancel into ANYTHING. simple test: mash out jab short xx jab dash straight. won’t work.

btw, this issue has been mentioned many times in this thread.



They’re wrong, as are you.
I can mash out jab short xx special no problem. Jab -> short is a link, NOT a cancel. Look up the frame data. If you can’t do it, its just poor execution. Chainable normals can only be chained into other chainable normals (a mouthful I know but theres really no other way to say it), and c.lk is not chainable. You’ve got a LONG time to link clp into clk, a big part of the reason people are finding it easier to wait in between the jabs/shorts is because it gives you more time to charge the headbutt, and its easier to execute. Thats it.

Why do you think most people do jab -> short xx headbutt instead of jab -> jab xx headbutt? clk doesnt have as much range, and does only slightly more damage, its because theres no fear of cancelling the clp into the clk in a hurry.


Try tapping in this rythm… Dang-dang-da-dang


The best advice anyone can ever receive for doing Balrog links is slow down your button presses until it feels wrong and impossible that it should combo. That is when you know you are doing it right. His link timing is so lenient it is unbelievable. Do them as slow as you possibly can before they won’t combo, then you can cancel.

You can watch Lord of the Rings inbetween each jab and it will still combo.


interesting bytex and gammon :slight_smile: will try that, im used to playing akuma as a scrub so the lp lp lk HB combo rarely comes out for me, seems like im mashing out and cancelling the LP’s

Will try this


yea just slow it down

i do my combo’s very slow lol

well they seem slow


if u want i will make a lil 2min vid for you?


That would be fantastic if you have time!

I can get the c.lp c.lp c.lk every time now - slowing down = amazing tip!!! but i don’t seem to get the HB out consistently. If you could show your hands and screen at the same time that would be fab. I guess im not cancelling the c.lk fast enough but i dont have enough time to practice atm got a damn deadline to meet :frowning:



there you go

if you look at ryu’s health bar you can see the timing


thanks helped a lot, i am slowing down the c.LP perfectly now and for the time being in training mode, im hitting c.lp x3 into HB more than c.lp x2 c.lk HB. which is odd… from what i read you cant cancel LP into LK so it has to link which is why ppl use it… but i think im just a lil too slow with the HB motion…

must practice more!



my vid.

you should be able to hear the button presses – it’s pretty lenient; you can even go a LITTLE bit faster or a LITTLE bit slower than I do.


Remember you can do headbutt with up+back. Shorter way to push the stick, and you keep the charge for ultra afterwards.


does 3x c.lp, headbutt do more damage than 2x c.lp, c.mk, headbutt or is there any real difference cuz i always prefer to do the latter as opposed to the former.


2x c. lp, c. mk, headbutt will do more damage assuming your opponent doesn’t start blocking…

Thing is, c. mk can’t be special cancelled so it’s impossible to combo directly into headbutt. Not to mention you can’t link two c. lp’s into c. mk.