Have some questions for PS3 TE dual mod

I’m going to dual mod my ps3 te stick (round 2) with a madcatz 4716 and I’m going to use a DPDT switch.

My questions are:

  1. If I’m going to solder to the points on the turbo PCB that says and gnd, vcc, etc to the dpdt do I need to desolder/cut the USB cable that is connected or can I leave it connected and solder the data lines to the DPDT switch?

  2. How do I find out what revision my madcatz pad is? So if it is rev.e, rev.g, etc.

Thanks in advance for helping a n00b :slight_smile:

you don’t need to desolder the entire cable from the ps3 pcb but having it out of the way will help when you’re connecting the vcc and gnd from the xbox pcb. i dont think the revisions will matter much unless you’re doing a trigger inversion, but even then you should be fine.

So I just need to desolder the data lines and connect that to the DPDT switch? Also, I’m doing a trigger inversion that’s why I asked.


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So that Google search enter should go
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Or in your case type the following in Google search

site:shoryuken.com madcatz 4716


site:shoryuken.com dual modding

Sorry about bumping. I used the search but couldn’t find anything about this. BTW I did check the info thread and couldn’t find anything yet again.

So I read up a lot and from what I can tell is to connect the vcc and gnd to the turbo PCB without desoldering it and desolder the data line and connect them to the DPDT switch, right?

Really? :coffee:

I gave you all the tools to search for the answers you seek.
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Everything you need is in that Info thread, you just have to open your eyes and look.

If you want help we provide help, but you got to make the effort.
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I did research, I’m just double checking in case I was thinking it wrong and screw up my te. Sorry if I seem n00bish.

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For a first timer you just happen to choose one of the more difficult ways to mod a TE to be Dual-modded.
Most of us pros prefer to start with a Xbox 360 stick as there plenty of Aftermarket PS3 boards.
And only 1 PCB that does not require you to gut a controller first.

There the PS360+ which is a ALL-IN-ONE solution that replaces the PCB in your PS3 TE.

Do you already have a madcatz 4716 ready to go, or you did not dissemble it yet.
Your best bet for this kind of mod is using a Mad Catz Fight Pad, as there no trigger inversion required.

As for the DPDT switch.

Here is a wiring diagram on how its done

Here is a photo of how a DPDT switch would be wired for a dual mod.

You do not have to desolder anything from the PS3 PCB. Just cut the USB cable from the PS3 PCB and your Xbox PCB.
Join up the Voltage (red) and Ground (black) wires all together with your out going USB cable, wire up your Green and white wires to the switch.

middle terminals go to your outgoing USB cable, and the terminals on ether side go to one of the PCBs.

More can be read here.

Thank you sooooo much!

That cleared it up tremendously. I already bought the madcatz 4617 as it was really cheap in the UK and a fightpad on amazon is something stupid like 30+. I already know how to mod the pad. So I don’t need any help for that. Thanks again for the help.