Have such a hard time vs Urien

Is it just me, or is Urien very OP. Playing vs good players in fightcade, they end up just air juggling you with his dash 4 or 5 times in a row.

It seems if you get hit once by him, its really hard to escape. Am I missing something, or is he really OP?

He’s that dude the spends a lot of time in training mode and gets 100% returns on the time put in. Because unblockables and tackle combos. Chun is the same as that but in fighter form rather than comboist.

you have to play against him differently. avoid super jumps unless you’re confident in air parrying his fireball.

who do you use against him?

Urien is just dumb online. Online has a different tier list and that consists of Makoto, Urien, and Ibuki in S tier. Just a lot of things he does is stupidly good online, his Shoulder becomes much harder to punish on block and parry, his Headbutt is a stupidly good AA that’s basically safe entry for him. And best of all? He scores any kind of knockdown and you can’t quickrise because it’s online. Guess what? He gets a free unblockable.

You don’t have many options. You either adapt, counter pick (maybe go with Dudley, Chun, Makoto, possibly Ibuki and Remy), or just don’t play Urien’s online. Most dudes just predict when something’s going to happen because you just cannot react to some shit online.

Uriens are usually free wins. Just look at what he does. Have quick reflexes for his dash in grab. Remember if you parry his hp from jumping in he follows up with either an ex head butt or tackle. Just always think ex head butt. Tapping one more time doesnt hurt. Also YOU dash in and grab him. If hes doing it to you serve it back. Work on your parries. Work on your footsies and work on the mind games. Watch some jp videos on urien

You have not experienced Urien until you faced TRXUrien

Thanks for the advice guys, just a follow up I usually use Ken / Akuma / Dudley. I’m gonna work on the tips you guys gave me!

kick him out of the air and don’t try to play a mid range game against him. He owns you there.

If you knock him down get in close but not within grab range and play around with him until you can see he’s going to play out of headbutt or low forward. After that, you want to suck some titties and then find a way to get her drunk enough to want to do butt stuff.

Fuckin’ hipsters.

I tried to be serious up until the point I knew they wouldn’t really get it anyway.

Also, a lot of Uriens tend to telegraph their chariot tackles by jumping backwards and charging during the jump, then tackling as soon as they land. If you recognize this it’s incredibly easy to reaction parry them and murder them for it. Almost every Urien I’ve met online does this way too much, and I’ve even caught the best 3S player in my country (who plays Urien) doing this from time to time.
This applies to Alex and Q as well, by the way, as they also have charge-based lounging specials.

As Ken you should be able to control the ground game with your normals.

Blocked tackle is punishable by super 3 with Ken if you have the meter and it’s fast start up should allow you to punish more easily online.

There’s lots of match up specific stuff people could tell you, but it would be better trying to watch Japanese players play this match up to see how it should be played and what both characters options are.

Here’s a video of two pretty strong players playing a first to 10 set:


We really need more on how you put the game experience together. If you just needed a demonstration I’m sure you wouldn’t have posted this thread and being human as you are you may compile anecdotal experience as a profinite effort to validating your further experiences as you accrue more and more exposure to the situations. If you could tell us, in your words, how you approach the fight maybe we can better meet you halfway and figure out a way to word things in a manner more in tune with your usual goings.

The New York cats are all going to give valid advice but none of it is gonna be for you. It’s going to be based on some weird idea they picked up, probably from players like Nica and Denjizz, where they have this idea that we all know what the best in 3s looks like and we’ll know it when we see it. Or they’ll tell you to just watch videos and once you are have won a tournament you can be sure you’ve learned enough. All that school of hard knocks crap where no one can explain to you clearly what you need but everyone has just the right answer because we all know how to say “the best” 50,000 different ways.

What do you when you play? Dont’ tell us the gist of it, give us an idea of what you’re thinking when you play. Not in that one set, but in all of them. For example, me:

When I start against Urien, if I’m using Ken, I like to hold back and charge so that I can get a feel for his current timing considering that all Urien’s charge. Once I’ve done that I note whether he has moved or appears to be waiting for me. Then I move in a bit closer and try to either “bait” a poke attempt so that he shows me where he feels immediately comfortable AKA “to try and get a feel for him”. Once I feel certain that I can move in, jump in, parry bait or poke safely I err on the side of caution and giving myself low parries and telegraphing high parries incase I see a window open for a jump in, remembering to follow up the jump with an air parry attempt to beat out surprise tackles/headbutts and then try and force him into positions that will require him to lose his headcutt charge so that I can maintain up close pressure by way of high low games.

That’s just a quick example, how about you?

Problem with online Urien’s isn’t so much punishing the shoulder but being forced to parry it. As soon as they got an Aegis loaded they’re looking to do Shoulder and cancel into Aegis and push you in the corner. So let’s say you block it and get pushed in the corner; you’re holding downback and wait for them to do an overhead, you see them do it, you block high, and NOPE. Not online can you block that on reaction. Urien scores a free combo, keeps you in the corner, and he’ll have another Aegis loaded up or coming up very soon.

The only way to stop an online Urien is to buffer parry that shit or neutral jump to bait it.

90% of Uriens online only know how fancy juggles and power moves. Just don’t give them any juggles and it’ll expose their lack of fundamentals.

That and they hope the connection is bad so they can get a knockdown you can’t quickrise from so they can score an unblockable.

What type of connections are you playing on where quickrising is not possible? I’ve never had this problem in the 7 odd years of playing 3s online.

It actually happens quite a bit online. Just a matter of inputs getting dropped.