Have supergun, want Q-sound for CPS2 games, help?

Hi guys, I have a working supergun. I can play CPS2 games just fine. I am wondering how Q-sound actually works in arcade setups. Does the Q-sound come from the JAMMA harness, or does it come from the two RCA jacks from the B-board? What hardware do I need and how do I set it up?

I see that there is a Q-sound “amp” but do I need one? I currently have my supergun wired to two nice unpowered speakers. Do I just need an amp inbetween the supergun and the speakers?

Thanks guys!

I believe you need to get the Capcom Q-sound AMP and use the RCA jacks to connect to it. I have seen the amps come up for sale on Ebay before. Its been a long time since I have seen or looked for one though. But really all the Q-sound does is try to emulate surround sound with 2 speakers, not all that great from what I can remember.

I see. A question for you guys since you seem knowlegeable (and this is probably stupid): I was using an ATX power supply, but it crapped out on me. Now I have an actual arcade power supply…but unfortunately I can’t just plug in my PC power cable to it, I am going to have to splice a cable’s wires to the power supply.

It wants ground, neutral, and live. I don’t know which wire I should use for neutral and live. Is there a color code for this, or can I use my multimeter to detect this or something? I won’t front I am scared of AC voltage, I HATE HATE HATE it. I see on the Bob Roberts’ page that he has all these fancy fuses and shit. I am not lighting up any marquees or anything, just trying to play Super Turbo. Do I need any fuses for safety, or can I just splice a PC power supply cable directly to this power supply? Thanks guys.

Power answers:

As for audio, I can’t say with 100% certainty unless I could see a manual for one of the CPS-2 games, but my understanding of it is that the jamma connector on the boards has both left and right audio, similar to how the MVS does; both of these are changes from the JAMMA standard, since JAMMA only does mono sound. The RCA jacks are supposed to be there in case its installed in a cabinet that doesn’t support stereo from the jamma connector. So, if your cabinet does stereo via the jamma connector (like my astro city cab does), then don’t sweat the RCA connectors. The sound from the jamma connector and the RCA jacks is the same sound; the Q-sound module and the sound amplifier both happen inside the cps-2 board. In short, if you get stereo sound how its hooked up now, leave it alone, its fine. Hit the test menu to verify the stereo and test it.

I could be wrong in my assumptions though; I can’t find any data to back me up.


The JAMMA connector on the CPS-2 B board is all JAMMA mono. No stereo. On the Impress, the Q25 and the US QSound woodies(yes, homo :D), they had a special amp for “Q-Sound” stereo that some collectors go nuts for because of how nice they sound; I think, like many audio tastes that it’s hogwash, but, hey, if they’re willing to pay out the nose for an OEM stereo amp, I’m not going to stop them(I don’t care what the Q-Sound amp does; it’s still a stereo amp).

Some cabs do direct RCA stereo-> cab, like your Astro(New Astro? Astro 2?) for instance, and so do many cabs built after JVS became the norm.

As far as a Supergun goes, trust your TV’s audio amp and run RCA straight into the TV.

I just tested out ST. I set the sound to stereo (looks like its been on mono for a while) and left side sounds are definitely loud while right side sounds are very very faint, so it looks like, at least on my cabinet, the jamma connector is only sending one channel of audio. My bad for the misinformation.

No, you may be right too. It could be doing stereo from the harness. now that I think about it…


The US Super SF2 manual says no stereo on JAMMA harness.

Is it an Astro, New Astro or Astro 2?

I think an original astro. Looks like this; does NOT have the outward protruding boxy speakers I’ve seen on other (I assume newer) Astro’s.


Two speakers but it’s not stereo. Has a mono-only amp, and mono-only JAMMA harness. unless it was modded for NeoGeo or other weird stereo.

Pretty sure it does support stereo.

The Astro City, like other Japanese cabs (Egret 2, etc.) does support stereo but not through the Jamma connector, or else it wouldn’t be a jamma connector…

The Capcom amp shouldn’t be called Q-Sound amp as it has no Q-Sound technology, that’s only on the CPS motherboards.

Open it up, take a picture of the Amp. Unless it’s been modified, you’ll see the audio run into the amp, run out of the amp, and into a splitter to the speakers.

Can I buy an egret II arcade cab and install something to get capcom Q-sound?