Have trobble beating blanka in A3 with Gief

someone I know uses blanka in A3, and I think hes the only person I know who uses him. He turtles a lot and im like wtf do I do with gief?

Use V? Lol. I dunno why you’re having trouble with this match-up. A-'Gief has a ton of priority in the air. It shouldn’t be difficult to get in on him if your air to air is good.
Just jab him out of rolls or jump back and punish them in advance. Just be patient and advance forward slowly.

I dont know why, I know blanka counters gief in ST. Not sure about A3.

Never heard that one o_O
I think you’re confusing ST Blanka with Honda.
'Gief is wayyyy above Blanka tier-wise in A3.

Can’t Zangief just lariet everything Blanka might try to enter with?

For that matter, can’t Zangief just spend the match jumping straight up and erasing all of Blanka’s attack possibilities?

Blanka can use crouching fierce or electricity or meet Gief in the air if he jumps, I’m not sure how well his standard AAA (early standing Fierce) works vs Gief. And if you’re playing A/X-Blanka I think the punch super may be impossible for most characters to VC through if their in they activate in the air, because you’re invincible until after you hit the grond and start rolling.

I don’t really have much experience with the match, and poking has to be a little tricky, but from my limited experience it isn’t a horrible match, even if Blanka loses overall.

Edit- oh, he was asking about the match the other way around.

Um, when you jump from far away to get in close, you can do the knee drop or the body splash (d+Fierce or Forward) in the air to hit him out of it. Against the ball from far away, you can do the kick lariat against it on reaction. Kick lariat vs jumps, and set up the ARS or use an anti-air VC otherwise.

Otherwise basic Gief stuff- mix up tick throws (if they jump, jump after them and do a splash, if they reversal block, if nothing, SPD, etc. Poke with crouching fierce and the far sweep (d/f+Roundhouse). I don’t really play Gief, so…

I think its just cause im not used to blanka maybe.

How are you losing?

Everytime I play as Gief and when I face a Blanka I tend to lose that match-up. So I can understand your situation.

It’s not just like you could to cr.lp everytime to beat the roll. If you do that the Blanka won’t roll. Blanka is quick and has range. That aren’t tips I know I just wanted to write that I can understand how a Gief can lose to a Blanka.

well for one I cant jab, cause he’ll just jump attack. I cant SPD cause he’ll roll-ball or use elec. Blue punch works some times till he trips me, same thing with the spinning lariat.

blanka owns geif in Super turbo, I mean what are you going to do? spinning lariat and blue punch do nothing, spd doest work if they use elec or roll=ball. Sure you can Down jab but he’ll just jump attack you.

jumping :d:+:hp: should solve almost everything

Basically. Until he proves that he knows a way to beat the splash, just do it over and over. It may sound dumb, but even if he uses the super, you might want to spend a round doing it anyway, to see if that’s the only option he knows. It’s important because then he gets predictable when he has no meter.

VS jumps you can either use the lariat (crouch and do a 3K lariat, so it hits as late/deep as possible, or depending on what attack he uses, crouching Strong may work. If you’re using A-Gief, you can of course level 3 ARS vs any jump you see coming, though you don’t want to do it too early.

If he just sits on his charge, you have to give him something to worry about. You can poke with crouching Fierce, far crouching Roundhouse (d/f+RK), and if you get close enough you can just tick into SPD or walkup SPD. From further back, you can just jump in and do nothing. You get close, and you can be far away enough so that if he does a super the first hit will whiff and you can land and block. SPD beats IIRC, and even has more range- so if he’s doing it, you can just walk up to him and SPD him without it being able to hit you. Jab SPD has the most range, btw.

VS his pokes, if you can predict pokes/sweeps you get to jump in and go for SPD/tick-SPD etc. If you’re X or V-Gief you can do the headbutt (f+SP in V, f+FP in X) over low attacks and get in close, sorta like Ryu/Akuma’s hopkicks.

Also keep in mind SPD is instant in A3, just like in A2 and the SF2 games. So if you’re getting hit/blocking high or early jumping attacks, you have a pretty good shot at landing a reversal SPD as soon as Blanka lands, before a standing attack can come out.

Loses to Blanka’s Electric Thunder, early standing Fierce and jumping Strong (into CC).

ill try that next time I play him, I use A-Gief.

That’s why you lariat him out of the air? You shouldn’t be mashing jab so mindlessly that you can’t see the jump coming in advance. Besides, he’s setting himself up for a reversal SPD if he’s jumping in like that.

You’re holding yourself back not using V instead of A though.

Just for me, it won’t be a tough match-up when V-gief meet Blanka, however, I feel headache when my dalsim met blanka.