Have u ever had a converter crap out on you?

so I’m chillin on my butt when I decide it that’s time of the day to boot up the dreamcast for sum action! I start up the 3rd Strike but the game’s all acting up on me! I keep going into the pause screen, wtf yo??? I switch to CVS2 and a similar problem is happening!!

I’m thinking, is my recently-n-amateurishly-made-out-of-salvaged-parts joystick crapping out on me??? I donno, so I plug it into the PS2 (which the pcb inside is native to) only to discover the stick still works like a charm!! So… it must be the PSX -> DC converter’s problem.

has my innovation1 dream connection II which I got back in 2004 finally expired?? Let’s see, first off I recorded a low quality video (courtesy of the Sony Ericsson W810i) of the problem my DC had playing CVS2:


Do you see that black message window that keeps popping up?? Thru minor investigation I discover that message pops up when a VMU is inserted during the middle of a game. Of course, if you kno what the Dream Connection II looks like, you kno how the VMU is mounted. So being the scientist that I am, I decided to run a few experiments. I popped 3rd strike back into my DC and came up w/ the following.

case 1; this is the case of the original problem. The port ‘A’ is connected to the Dream Connection, is connected to the VMu and the joystick. Problems ensue!

case 2; converter and joystick still in port ‘A’, but VMU is removed. Upon startup I get the "no vmu found, insert vmu or press start to begin’ screen. I press start, nothing happens. I press start a countless number of times, finally it registers and goes to the intro movie. I keep on pressing start, but the game only recognizes one more successful push before replaying the intro movie. Conclusion: it aint working in port ‘A’!!!

case 3; converter, joystick, and vmu in port ‘B’. When I start the game up, it works but the data does not load. Rather then get the “no vmu found. Insert VMU or press start” screen, I get “Error, auto load cancelled.” So… the VMU is definitely recognized, as it does display the 3S visual on it, however I’m unable to choose Gill. Oh yeah, I can play just fine too! I did not attempt to load the data in the options menu tho.

case 4; DC controller with VMU inserted into port ‘A’, converter and joystick in port ‘B’. I start the game, the data loads, and the joystick works fine. This is actually how I used to always have it set up, back in the college days (only a year ago!). That was back when I could keep all my shit on the floor, but now my space is much more cramped.

anyway that was very long, but has anyone ever experienced something similar???

my innovation died recently, still trying to replace it w/ no luck.