Have we figured out Doom?



lol you’re way too mad for no reason, did I strike a vessel? This is a theory, an opinion, which is merely an idea.

I have about 280+ hours of just using Doom alone. I’ve been giving him atleast 2 hours each day in my spare time since the release of MvC3.


You probably did and this thread is just typical nonsense from people who want to be spoonfed tactics for making characters better. You know what there is to do. Go out there and create some shit with Doom. If you ain’t doing that then what are you doing? Why do you have to wait for other people?

That’s nice now start making the next 280 hours a bit more productive.

In any event we should definitely make a thread specifically for discussing Doom’s offensive and defensive tactics and eventually I’ll be making some videos and what not that help explaining how to utilize some of his offensive and defensive tactics more thoroughly.


You said you’re done with this conversation, enough. I want other opinions, and preferably not from someone who’s raging over something so trivial.

Edit: Since you keep editing your posts I’ll reply to the rest. I know alot of stuff that other people in this forum might not know but they only expand on areas that I found will grow regardless. I have no camera so I don’t have ways to demonstrate these findings other than verbally, which I rather not do because it’s easier to learn visually.


The only thing I said I was done with was discussing whether or not there’s more to do with Doom. I didn’t say I was done with the conversation in general. I’ll talk to you about anything else no problem. It’s just that part of the discussion is easy to get rid of because it’s not even worth discussing.

The other opinions you’ll get will be the same. Some who think he’s tapped out some who don’t. Most of the world still can’t play Doom to any level of scariness and same shit from there.

I’ll just take what you supposedly know as here say until you show us some stuff or take it to a tournament. I’ll say I at least like that you care about Doom’s potential but this thread isn’t the right way to go about it. You need to get techniques out there in tournaments and share those techniques with other people. I mean it’s going to happen either way. Either we put together stuff first or the Japanese will do it for us like they always have. I would like to say that the US players have the potential to really put together a lot of the stuff I’ve learned with him in tourneys but I’ve yet to see a lot of stuff even from Clockwork that we could easily be seeing regularly with more application and practice.

It’s just something you gotta get out there and do for yourself. Nothing more to it than that.


It’s not that I’m misunderstanding - I’m just saying it seems silly to limit the word “technology” to specific techniques like cancelling attacks into dashes, X-factor->Doom Time, or DHC glitch and implying that these tricks are the only factor of Doom’s potential. The list you provided before (mixup strategies, combos, assist application, matchup strategies, team composition) along with the intended/unintended tools of the character all play into a character’s total potential.

Doom may very well be 90% figured out as far as technical tricks, but he’s certainly not at 90% of his potential as you put it in your opening post.

To actually answer your question though: I agree with you that we’ve found at least 90% of Dr. Doom’s toolset. That’s just the nature of the beast though. The first 80-90% is found fast while what remains takes much more time. Look at the DHC glitch for instance, when it was found, probably 90% of all compatible character configurations were figured out immediately. Since then, characters like Hulk and Dr. Doom have joined the ranks of characters capable of receiving DHC resets while Dr. Doom, Trish, and Dante have all joined the ranks of the characters that can initiate DHC resets.


alright I agree, potential may not have been the right word but I still believe we’ve figured out 90% of his “technical tricks” to put it in your context. We’ve hit a wall that’s for sure. Finding anything new in something besides the areas I have mentioned will be extremely difficult. Right now the only thing I’ve been doing is further developing those areas and becoming more solid as a result. I can’t really find anything else to do.


Wow, this is unnecessarily aggressive. Considering how slow the Doom forums generally are versus how much attention this thread has received in less than 24 hours, I would definitely not call this a useless thread. Also, k0rr1 has been posting in the Doom forums in increasing frequency since late April and there’s no need to crucify him like this.

To reiterate, I agree.


Yeah you’re right this thread is doing something good because it’s showing that way more needs to be done in order to get people up to step on what Doom can do. People are being too lazy about playing Doom and it needs to stop. Get out of the combo thread start talking about actual tools and techniques. This is a character with way too much potential for tools on both offense and defense to be doing nothing but talking about his combos every other post so people have to make threads like this.


Actually, I actually encourage the finding of new combos and all that since those are the areas that can still have a plethora of growth as I’ve consistently stated.

Edit (in response to your edit): Read my posts again. I said “areas”, combos are just one of the many categories I’ve listed that will continue to have plenty of evolution and for the 20th time that isn’t too surprising to me.


The problem is you’re growing combos but still don’t have the tools you need to land the combos so what’s the point? You haven’t even posted anything that suggests you know how to get someone off of block with Doom. Of course finding combos should be encouraged because you can’t kill anybody without combos but the ways to get in position and force people out of block to land those combos is far more important and something not discussed virtually at all compared to combos combos combos.


Is Seth KIllian still trolling about hidden Doom tech?

Doom Rocks have seem to fallen off. It hits all around on point and assist, play with that some more.

Work more on applications of tools. Threads like Doom mixup on incoming character is what should be hammered out right now.


^ that’s exactly what I’ve been saying (post # 15 - final sentence).


Then why did you make this thread if that’s what you were saying? Obviously you haven’t figured out Doom if you need to work on how to apply Doom’s tools. Applying tools is part of the figuring out a character and it’s definitely not the last 10 percent because the first 90 percent by that logic is basically special moves and supers. Definitely doing a good job figuring out Doom by making threads asking if we’ve figured him out. Figuring out a character is a constant process. Not just some “I know their moves ok good” shit. It’s just a way to generalize a character simply by the character and not through what the player does with the character. Even for characters as auto pilot 99 percent figured out as Wolverine there’s always something to figure out.

People need to make threads that talk about how to apply these tools so this thread can’t have the slightest bit of use anymore. If somebody wants to volunteer to make a thread great otherwise I’ll just have a thread by next week so people can have a place to discuss his tools.

Seth Killian hasn’t said anything about the hidden doom tech for at least a couple months. For those that wanna waste time waiting for Seth Killian to make them better Doom players…they can do that. Everyone else needs to step it up and stop asking questions that lead to nothing but more questions.

Be players that figure out characters. Not just posters that just ask questions about characters.


Feel free to make a thread, just know this thread isn’t going anywhere since it is merely speculation of our progress. If we only progress in the areas I’ve discussed then guess what, I’m right. (and progress in these specific areas are almost limitless) Time will literally tell. We’ve figured out around 90% of his technical tricks as liquid corrected me and at this stage in the game one of our only options to improve our game is “…further developing those areas and becoming more solid as a result…” Which is completely O.K. by the way.

I’m also actually loving the fact that you’re getting so worked up about this thread. If you don’t like it, then don’t post in it. Simple as that. It’s an opinion, so to each their own.


we’re at 40% imo, if you think we cracked doom to his extent you’re bonkers


Remember when I said your Doom needs A LOT of work? Well, you still need it. Level it up a little bit more then maybe we’ll see eye to eye.


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what does that have to do with your Doom needing work? trooloololol. Nice one man, you almost got me there. :tup::rofl:


Get on my level son! Until then what you say is meaningless! Lol…


lol as horrible as that sounds that’s more or less what I’m saying. It’s like a week one Doom (exaggeration) that hasn’t fully explored the character yet saying something to a guy that has been giving Doom nearly 1-2 hours each day since the beginning of MvC3. I can’t just help but shake my head.