Have you decided on a main?


So far I’m leaning towards S-Kill because I like the parry ability. Kung Pao looks nice too because of the kick angle and the portal.


The Baz, I feel as if I have so much in common with him, he craps thunder.


My advice is to pick up at least 2-3 characters. Pick a main, find out who counters him or her, and then pick another character or two which counters those counters.

For example: if you really like Kung Pao, I’d recommend also learning someone who beats Uncle Sensei.

I would definitely recommend it if you’re planning on using someone like The Baz, S-Kill or Jefailey, as they seem to have a lot of trouble with most other characters. This could all change after the first week, though, so if you feel like you can prove me wrong then go for it!


S-Kill simply because I really love his character sprite.


Markman for life


Yeah, I just finished watching a stream and Markman looks more fun than I thought. I didn’t know you could keep kicking after an up kick. You can use it for defense as well.


I am going to use a lot of characters. So far, I am really liking the design of Stream. Stream + Meter Gem is going to be a very good pairing as his air special looks very good. Since I play Doom in Marvel 3, I have to play Dr. Shoals. Also, The Baz looks way too good.


Jefailey, but I need to learn all the match-ups and then pick a secondary character.



You’re definitely going to have to learn a secondary character. All anyone has to do against Jefailey is pick the YOLO Gem and get one headshot.

edit: My mains have long been decided on. I’m primarily using Redacted and Dr Shoals.


I’m liking MarkMan the more I play of him; I don’t know if he’ll be my main (which will be Dive), but at least a solid second character.


What I really want to do is run a character that is underused.


In other words, you want to use the character that takes the most skill to use, because those characters are *always *underused. Keits seems to think that Kick will be the most used character, so I guess he’s out. If I were to guess who might be the most underused character, I would say either Jefailey or Stream.


So it looks like my mains are indeed S-Kill and Kung Pao. I think Pao is really good against Shoals.


Enjoying Sensei a lot atm.


I think a good Sensei will be a nightmare to deal with. I haven’t touched him yet myself.


So far only played Dive. I feel like I should be beating Baz players more than I am, dunno how to handle it exactly though. Keep thinking I can catch him on the way in, but getting zapped instead.


I think I am going to main Kenny as there is no real way to counter pick him or train against him.


Have I decided? Not on day 1, no. S-Kill is a strong contender though; I really enjoy how he plays and will need to figure out a backup character that goes with him.


Redacted is great. I’m maining her definitely. Also Kung Pao. Might throw in a third depending on if the first two share any bad matchups.