Have you decided on a main?


Lol I have trouble with characters who jump ridiculously high as a kick main. 17-48 as Kick so far.


You are actually getting matches? It take me ten minutes and it is still hard for me to find a match.


Decided on Shoals, considering either Kung Pao or Redacted.


This game is so match-up dependent. I’m trying to stick with The Baz and just adapt to his bad matches(Dr. Shoals, Pao, Uncle Sensei and Jef IMO). IIRC my win/loss is 12/21. So far I’ve only played story mode and ranked.


After going through the cast in Story Mode, I fervently decided to main Redacted. Even though her kick is rather shallow, her dive allows me to alternate between a defensive, punish-centric play style and an aggressive style that gains ground inch-by-inch. No one else in the roster possesses a dive with the same combination of speed and height; it’s always one or the other. It’s strange… I thought I would really enjoy The Baz, Markman and Kick, but they all felt wrong once I had the game in my hands.

I’ll hold off on learning counter-picks until I’m sure about an unfavorable match-up weeks down the line. I suspect I’ll eventually want to learn Dr. Shoals for some of Redacted’s bad matches – which is convenient, because I’m already using YOLO Shoals to down Jefaileys for free – but I’d rather not spread focus between characters so early in the game’s lifespan. Soon… but not yet.


Just Dive & Kick after one day of playing so far.


My Win/Loss rate in Ranked is 32/20 (PS3 version) and I was surprised to get a 15 Win Streak with Dr. Shoals. I’m definitely maining Shoals and I also liked Kick and Uncle Sensei. I’m going to try out other characters like S-Kill & Markman. I don’t know why, but I kinda dislike Kung Pao. Her Divekick is too awkward for me and I have no idea what the Ground Special move is for.


The ground special creates a portal crack. Her air special opens the crack and you come out of it.


I came across this with my first online match. I didn’t even see it coming.


I’m feeling Mr. N and Dr. Shoals the best, so I will probably focus on them. I’d like to become good at Stream at some point, but he’s really tricky to use effectively.


Call me crazy, but… The YOLO Baz.


S-Kill is definitely going to be my most played character. That parry is one of my favorite things in the game. “What an answer!” or “Moment 37!” right before getting a guaranteed headshot is just so perfect. Plus his teleports allow him unique ways to get out from under people.


I might pick up S-Kill as my secondary.


Is your PSN handle Deke86?

Forgot I posted already. And I can’t delete posts. So…


picked this up this afternoon and immediately went to Dr. Shoals because I thought the name was hilarious and ended up liking her the most out of the few I played so far.


What does his kick factor do exactly? Is it just impossible to touch him? I kicked him when he was standing still on the ground and lost, and no he didn’t do the animation for his ground special.


Yup, when in kickfactor Baz becomes kill-on-touch. Just get the hell away and try to run out his meter, it doesn’t last as long as other kickfactors.


Uh I think I’m the only Mr.N so far here. I only have 4/3 on ranked, but Marneto and GTFO are such good positioning tools that he doesn’t need to activate kick factor. I don’t know about bad matchups and stuff yet though. imo with a matchup based game like this I think a quick day 1 matchup chart can show off stuff from people that have played quite a bit so far


I haven’t played them all yet, but I think it’s between Markman and Kung Pao. Or possibly both. Redacted being third. I am interested in playing Stream, but he felt really awkward…


The YOLO gem with Baz is messed up, it says there should be a 30% increase in every stat but there isn’t. There’s a thread on Divekick about it: