Have you decided on a main?


No, it’s OccupyVita.

Thanks for the info. I will switch to the meter gem probably.


Dr. Schoals

since they’re both really similar


Been playing markman since launch, didn’t really pay attention to the cast in development so when I saw him I was like…

“Hold up. lemme see if this nigga is nice”

Then he pulled out that boombox looking kickbox and shit got real.

I like him but I feel like I really gotta use my head when it comes to him, I gotta factor in angles, speed, enemy meter building. the time in the match (my main focus, this man is a time wizard) while trying to pluck the boom box, which I find to be a punishment when I complete it cause I don’t really like that mode.


I’ve taken a liking to Mr. N. Dat Neckpillow


Dr. Shoals

Uncle Sensei



The Baz and Dr. Shoals.

Shoals is only for match-up specific stuff, though.


Dive is definitely my main. Not willing to commit to a character that gets themselves stuck in the air.

Unrelated, bum ass online chumps taking this shit way too seriously already. Was up 4-2 on some random Mr.N player when the game “mysteriously” starts rewinding like crazy. People will start hacking the leaderboards before long, it’s fuckin Divekick smh it’s not THAT serious.


That “mysterious rewinding” is GGPO.


I’m playing a lot of Dive. Partially due to laziness and part due to just learning the game. Originally I wanted to do Kung Pao since I like her style of play. I also like Markman because his delayed Kung Pao kick is deceptively good. Really wanna learn Stream and S-kill to have that pocket craziness. Unfortunately stuck in PSN in a world that is decidedly steamy. D:


I think what Kotow is saying is that the rewinding is being done on purpose by the players.


And what I am saying is that it’s not the other player, it’s GGPO.


Mr. N and Baz. Baz was going to be my alt but I’ve taken to playing him the most.


Been drawn to Kung Pao since UFGT and picked her up as soon as I got the game. I’m about even on win/loss record, but I love playing with her.


I think it’s unrealistic to try and be competitive in this game while only maining one character. Matchups are so clear-cut that you can tell just from fighting the CPU what character is at advantage or disadvantage. Thus, counterpicking is going to be very important.

I’ve only really been feeling Kick and Mr. N so far, but I’m gonna have to find someone that covers for their weak matchups.


Except for Kenny. That is what is so cool.


All over the place right now. Mr. N and Kick seem to be the best choices for how I play (Kick is probably more well-rounded and his air special is just unreal).


GGPO doesn’t switch from a perfect connection to unplayable amounts of rewind after one player gets a 4-2 lead on it’s own. GGPO handles changes in latency by rewinding the game, it doesn’t suddenly create spikes of latency out of thin air. This dude was fucking with his internet because he took a game of Divekick way too seriously, and that’s just sad.


Some people have bad Internet that gets lag spikes. It happens. Get over it.


Mr. N seems to be a common choice but I really like his style a lot. I think his ability to walk backwards for meter is pretty spectacular because its so simple that its probably going to have a lot of uses in a lot of matchups.

I also think Kenny is worth playing in the long haul. He really seems to suffer more than most when dizzy though cuz by the time you dive and figure out who you are you may already be rushed down and helpless.


I really should give up on the Baz and go for Uncle Sensei. He’s still my favorite playstyle, but you have to work so much harder with him because the loss of his awesome Kickfactor has forced him to be far less aggressive. On the other hand, Uncle Sensei can go ham thanks to stance switches.