Have you ever been perfected?


In casuals obviously.

It’s never happened to me in tournament play. Yet. I’ve handed at least one out I can remember. It was at a local tourney in Virginia a year or so ago, team tournament me (Alex) vs. DSP (Urien) in the second round.

Skitz perfected me in MvC2 one time.

yup…shit happens

[media=youtube]qmMzOYnHpn8[/media] yes…

yep…and i perfected too…it sucks when u get a perfect they press the button fast so it dont say it…being perfected sucks…but hearing those words and seeing the words go by on the screens…sucks even more

only one round in ST


lol that guy has an amazing ironman.


Too many cracked out Magnetos.

Nelson (Remix1213), Javier (Khameleon) have both perfected me in MvC2
SNAAAAKE perfected me in 3S, before I learned how to play, and he calls me a scrub because of it.
Fatherbrain and Vintage have both perfected me in ST.

I’ve gotten perfects as well. Javier’s perfect was in a tournament.

everyones been perfected at some point.

yeah it happens to everyone at least once i think

Ive never been perfected in a touny, but many times in casuals (fucking urien unblockables…)

I double perfected some yun at FRX, it wass fun.

not in mvc2

in every other game yup

Heh pabs had a chance to perfect me in MvC2 but he choked. That and I pressed the start button :wink:

Shit my bad. Same tournament, wrong match. The perfect was me vs. another Alex player.

Match in question: [media=youtube]kdZBhEDrRJU[/media]

The match I was thinking of: [media=youtube]VS2xmlDvPnM[/media]

I perfected a guy at EVO East, and MarlinPie perfected me during the singles tournament once. Shit happens.

I also perfect scrubs all the time but who cares about that. Some games it hurts to get perfected…but in a lot of them it’s not really a thang when it happens.


This is a dumb question, as it has happened at least once to everyone. Anyone who answers “No” is a lair.

umm no and im not lying… lol