Have you ever been sacked from work for a valid or dumb reason?

I swear i’m a few days away from being sacked at my current job, which is possibly the worst fucking job ever.
last time i was sacked was roughly 8 years ago at Pizza Hut. I was sacked for coming in 5 minutes late and it was only my 3rd shift, lol. I reapplied at another Pizza Hut just down the road and they hired me 5 days later.

I got fired for yelling at my Manager when I worked at McDonalds. But you know, Fuck that job.

I pointed out the stupidity of hiring someone to do a job they obviously could not do.
Who hires someone to do reports and not see if they can use excel?

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nope, never…

I would say, “Paging Sovi3t to the thread” but I’m not sure he got fired for a dumb reason…And before he replies, I’m not talking about the joke he made.

EDIT: As fate would have it, he posts right before me lol.

I was laid off from a job like 10 years ago. I went to pick up my pay check and I was talking to the HR lady when one of the big bosses came up and said something like it could be a week before I get my check. So I told him I thought he was wrong and that from what I had read it should be ready in 72 hours. So I left and went back the next day to pick up my check again and to look at the board to see if I had been moved to another department. Turns out that big boss didnt like what I said so he fired me while I was laid off. pretty weird…

Sounds about right

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I not only got fired but was interrogated by loss prevention and indicted by Gamestop for hiring an employee who stole 25k worth of inventory.

I tested positive for StarCraft.


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My last job in the military required me to get up for work different hours of the day. So, for example, say Monday I’d go at 6:30am, then Monday night I’d go at 1:00am, then Wednesday it would be 4:00am, then Thursday 9:00am then Friday 3:30am then Saturday 2:00am. It wasn’t always that erratic, it wasn’t always 6-7 days a week, but it was like that really often. I never did that before in the military where you’d switch hours every day. I never got used to it so I’d show up late-- not hours late, not all the time, but it was past the clock so I was late. It’s the military so being late is always bad, but it was zero tolerance there. First time I was late I was written up and it was put in my permanent record. And it’s not like they really liked me anyway. shouting matches and fights over ‘taking someone’s parking space’ or turning into the subject of clever manhood or racial innuendo by bulldykes or redneck buzzcuts. But it wasn’t just me, everybody looked at each other like they wanted to tear the other guy’s neck out. It was just that kind of cutthroat environment. So anyway the lateness happened enough times and they pushed the legal process to kick me out. I’m not saying I’m innocent or anything, but my record was spotless prior to that assignment, so I had to wait around 18 months so they could take stripes, forfeit pay, etc etc, and put enough dirt in my file to justify the discharge. So that was 18 months of fighting and arguing one inch away from somebody’s face and altercations and my colleagues doing sneaky shit behind my back and the ‘look at my rank when you’re talking to me’ kind of talk and bullying because I didn’t have stripes and bullshit from the top brass about this being a typical and justified punishment. I also messed up by using military defense lawyers instead of paying for a civilian one, using the military defense is basically asking someone to root for the guys discharging you. My last day in the military I was locked out of my house, basically all my possessions that I didn’t pack in my suitcase was junked or donated. Fun fun fun fun.

thats exactly how work is for me. some days they schedule me in for 6am, other days its 3pm onwards. one time i intentionally didnt turn up to work the next day because they gave me a 3pm-12am that day and expected me to start at 6am the next day. fuck that… i’m applying for a new job right now.

No but I think my current job may be trying to get rid of me, or I’m just paranoid

Haphazzard legal advice so take it with a grain of salt.

  1. When do benfits kick in, at what hours or how many years working? Firings to kill these are common.
  2. What do your time cards state, have you been using over time, you might have a legal case here that should be taken pro bono.

These are common tactics and they are quasi legal, might be on the state level which is what counts, what state are you in? That shit doesn’t fly with federal employers.

What kind of job in the military did you have?

are you really interested in peoples valid reasons for losing their jobs? doesnt seem very interesting to me.

RHIP learn it, earn it, live with it. I did.

AF, computers

you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s a job not a fraternity.

some bitch told my asshole boss i stole her 12 dollars

12 fucking dollars

bitch do you know who i am

they fired me like a dog im still salty about that

working as a civil servant. always have, always will.
i will never get fired :sunglasses: