Have you ever cried during a match?


Answer truthfully

P.S. I feel this is an accurate account of events, and that no further explaination is needed.


The sunglasses must help hide the tears

Assuming this is true, I’m not surprised. I don’t think anyone else would be surprised either.

What’s worse? Crying or slamming your hundred dollar joystick on the ground?


What’s worse is punching the wall in anger after the match hard enough to break your hand. I’ve known several people who’ve done that. =\

Then you get to cry and go to the hospital.

where is the vid to this match??? sigh

def crying. he tends to do this when he loses.

Damn, I feel bad for the guy too.

Maybe against Daigo, but I think those would be tears of joy from the beauty of getting my ass kicked.

While I was around my pool I overheard someone say “hey did you hear what happened with juicebox” I couldnt hear the story after that but Im curious to know if any one knows. It was streamed and it was on friday, I think it was the first time he appeared on a strem match that day. What I did see on stage though was that someone was picking up their stick from the floor, and as the person was getting off the crowd was yelling “you fucked up! you fucked up!”


I remember watching that match between marcus and filipino champ,why so sad??

Oh I see, thanks. wow saltyness at its best.


I don’t see what the big deal is. Crying is a part of human nature, everybody does it.
During a match? Well ok I guess that’s more interesting but still, some people are just more emotional than others.

Someone find the youtube vid, I want to see this :slight_smile:

There’s no youtube of the match between Big Marcus and Filipino Champ. Did he really cry after he lost?

If you get so salty you throw your stick and/or break your hand punching something after a loss, it’s time to take a break…seriously.

crying is very lady like!