Have you ever felt 'The Glow'?


The glow is the completeness.
I have felt it many, many times from lifting weights, dancing, running, and mostly from gaming.

It is that all encompassing feeling of being ‘the one’.

Most glow:
Star Trek Armada 2
Street Fighter Alpha 2 + 3
King of Fighters 98
Real Bout 2
…to name a few…

I have had it last for 4-5 hours.


Nope. Sure haven’t.


That happens to me usually after I finish jacking off.


I left something glowing in the toilet.

Should I call a doctor?



Expect them both to 404. Should be a youtube of this…




Of course, when i beat battletoads, ghost and goblins, and space harrier.

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Now you boys are gettin it. Sho-Nuff!


I have mastered the glow:


I take it you surely aren’t referring to soul glow



I’m about to see how much of this scotch it takes for me to glow…


lol my friend met taimak last week. hes clearly got the glow now


i’ve got it right now.

no wait…thats just the weed buzz talkin. pay me no mind yall.


dat glow


I was prepared to be disappointed in all mankind if there were no Last Dragon videos in here…


I tried to think of a witty Scott Pilgrim reference, but I couldn’t come up with anything good so instead have this picture of a duck.



Natural high.

Don’t gay it up.


I glow so hard it knocks the world off balance. I try not to do it.
I have a feeling I might glow again on November twenty-third.


This hand of mine glows with an awesome power, it’s burning grip tells me to post it in this thread!


Now don’t go all super saiyan on the rug…

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