Have you ever gone back and read your old posts?

Trippy stuff.

Also, it’s hillarious when you say things that are eventually proven false, like “You’re full of shit. Capcom will never make a Street Fighter 4, it wouldn’t be profitable.”

or “Capcom is done with the original Mega Man series”.

Though at the time, both of those statements were completely viable (and still kind of are, though both false).

I have WAAAAY to many posts that have not only been proven false but has made me look like an ass.

I think there are still a couple of posts o’ mine floating around the Intrawebz from my alt.games.sf2 days, and boy…I don’t even wanna KNOW! I remember I tried to get into some sort of flame war with Jeff Schaefer (LAAkuma) because he retired from the SF scene and I attempted to ashame him.

Yes, I was young, reckless, and very VERY stupid.

Nowadays…I would just remove the “young” part. :sweat:

I’ve read some of the shit I posted when I first started here. So many times I wish I could go back in time and beat the shit out of myself.

I enjoy posting stupid shit.

I’m a moron.

same here. not with SRK specifically, but over the years in different forums. ah, well.

We know!

What’s fun is looking at the thing you posted 500 posts ago (the max the search function will allow). Most of the time I get a “WTF was I thinking” post…

Well, back then, the only thing that could lead one to believe either of those games would be made was foolish hope based on the context of the time. Basically, I’LL NEVER ADMIT I WAS WRONG!

Oh, I always do this.
I even go on Google and look at old posts from other websites, especially around 2000/2001.
Seriously, if you compare with how you post from today with how you posted from back then, you’ll be quite surprised.

Yeah, I’ve read them before.

I can’t believe I wrote shit like that.

It’s embarrassing.

Yep, and the way I posted back then makes me cringe.

Remember when Az used to be an emo virgin, Ronin was still single and talking smack about 'em hoes, and VSLASH wasn’t such a hapless fageroonie?

Yeah, I remember, too…

And it saddens me. :sad:

I can’t believe how crazy some of my old JACK BAUER POWER HOUR recaps were. That show had me by the balls and wouldn’t let go. Hopefully it will return to it’s former glory.

Once or twice and most of the time because of it I lurk more often than post.

My growth makes me the happy

Heh, I remember making an agsf2 post asking if I’d discovered parrying in SF Alpha 3. That hope was short-lived.

I started posting probably 03 and I was a completely different person back then. its incredible.

Oh yeah looking back on my posts D: scary shit

Jesus saves.