Have you ever gone back and read your old posts?

i was a skinny emo nerd virgin too

thats me on the right

id like to think i look a little better than that now


I encourage everyone to go back and read Million’s old posts. He edits them as if he’s predicting the future!


Profitability is still in question. Very much so.

Because they are lazy as motherfuckers. NES graphics, in 2008, that isn’t a ROM hack? But an actual NEW game? CFE showed us how lazy Capcom is. This proves it.

I have.

I posted a lot of stupid shit. Can’t stand to read 99% of them.

That was taken yesterday. Admit it.:rofl:

I go back to read my old posts once in awhile.

About the same level of spam and lame back then as they are now.

Yeah true, SF4 hasn’t even come over here yet. Who knows how much bux Capcom will make on it.

And I think the direction they went with Mega Man 9 was a sound decision considering that most kids don’t know who Mega Man (the REAL Mega Man) is, nor do they care. And they certainly don’t want to suffer through block patterns and unfair platforming because most kids only care about pretty graphics and mostly flail on the controls.

Name me one kid who can get through Mega Man 2 without using Item 2 in the Heatman stage or the Time Stopper on the Quickman stage.

Heck, I bet most of you can’t do it.



nah you can search for my more current pix

Just a bunch of single line unfunny crap unless it’s about Batman or video game ‘console wars’

I sorta miss 05/06, I was able to get into more discussions because of the time zone (these days the East Coast is usually sleeping when I log on).

My first post here was horrible. I’m ashamed of myself.

If I could turn back time…
If I could find a way…

The ones that followed weren’t much better either but then again it’s not like my posts are better now anyway.

YOU!!! You never delivered on the “good stuff” on Cassie Steele!:mad:

lol, i use to quack at people and post in duck form. i was the original quack daddy laying the quack down :frowning:

…Yeah, me neither.

I guess the more things change, THE MORE THEY STAY THE SAME, AMIRITE? :wgrin:


If you’re depressed, sad, etc. then cheer up with this

Guaranteed to make you laugh :rofl: Gotta read all the posts on this page and the following pages…

I can’t find any of my old stuff. I do remember always popping up in martial arts threads saying “karate is teh greatest”

Later on with The Rock! character I was amazed at how a couple of yo mama jokes made people on this forum lose their damn minds.:rofl:

I wish someone archived the Rock! stuff. I’m sure it would sound terrible now.

I love to not edit or spell check my shit so I rather not read up on my old post and there is just way to many.

When I read the current threads, sometimes I get bored and go back to read my old stuff, posted in better threads. People wonder why older threads get bumped from way back in 2006: the topic was interesting. Of course, the REAL good shit (2000-2003 GD) is long gone. I can’t believe the only stuff saved from those years was some crap everybody already knows about old fighting games. There was some hilarious gd stuff and crazy-ass topics that were discussed that makes current threads look like sleep medication. Good times.

I don’t read my shit like Stevie Wonder trying to read a teleprompter. I remember most of the shit I say anyway.

No. Because I’ve been awesome since as long as I can remember. No need to relive my awesomeness. :shake: