Have you Ever had your Car or Place broken into?

Today I found out some scumbag waste of life broke into my car, he smashed the back passenger seat small window (sucks, but glad it wasn’t the bigger window), open the door, and rummaged through my car for something to find, possibly something electronic since all my car documents where still there.

I don’t know what time he strike, but it was outside my home.

Me and some of the neighbors probably know who was it, some waste of life that lives in the same street, because some nearby neighbors also had their cars broken into before and one had their home broken into and he’s been caught once. Well not arrested, but he was identified.

But we can’t prosecute because we don’t have any hard evidence, he was let go once.

Any of you had your Car or Place broken into?

Had somebody break into my car who stole my stereo, subs, and amp. It’s pretty retarded that you’re not allowed to have nice things in your car without there being a chance of some low life fuck trying to rip it off, but it’s an interesting life experience. It’s cool that you have an idea of who it was. Best of luck to you if you try get this guy pinned by the police or something.

How mad were you? I remember when it happened to me, I got sooo pissed off. It’s quite a surprise.

just say you saw him doing it, and make sure he wasn’t somewhere else he can use as an alibi at the time. wrongful imprisonment ftw!

I was really pissed, I had glass all over my back seat, and worried he might of taken something else that I haven’t pointed out yet.

Now I have to pay to replace that window.

That would be sweet, I would of taken a pic that orangutan piece of shit with my cell and call the police!

Man, neighborhoods are getting worst and worst nowadays, it used to be a pretty calm neighborhood, now its all crap.

when i was young (around 14) my upstairs neighbors son broke in to my house and took like $50 my mom had in a cabinet. that pissed me off so much. just the though of someone just taking something you worked for. in this case my mom. I have renters insurance now, but i would still be crazy pissed if someone stole my stuff, even knowing i could get it all back. good luck to finding the bastard

Buy a car alarm…

Never had my car broken into, but the rule of thumb everyone should follow is, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Try to avoid having anything visible, especially things like backpacks because those are always tempting to a thief where he might think there’s an iPod, laptop, etc. in there. Sunglasses, a third party stereo thingy, etc. hide them always. Always leave things in the trunk or in the glove compartment if they must be left in the car. Try to even avoid having loose change visible. While a person may not be desperate enough for change, depending on where you park, in a public place, a bum can walk by, see the change and break the window just to get it. While it may not be a high risk, it’s still not worth risk fixing a broken window for just having a few cents in change laying there. Just like a backpack, even if there’s actually nothing in there except books, it’s not worth the broken window because just the sight of it is tempting enough for a thief to attempt it. Try to be extra vigilant if you’re a student and have to park on campus as campus parking lots are HAVENS for thieves. If everything is hidden from view and the car STILL gets broken into, that’s just bad luck :sad:

no. My car is a POS and full of smelly garbage.

Nobody has ever broken into my car but, my friends was broken into and they stole his 1 year old sons rattles and his sweater…wow.

But then my friends dad had his car broken into, and they stole all of his work tools, valued at around $600. The full grown man was nearly in tears because he could not afford to replace them all.


I’m actually waiting on it to happen. Surprised it hasn’t happened already.

I had the same thing happen. The rear quarter-panel window got smashed out and the guy went through my shit.

At first, all I could tell was missing was a few burned CDs. My stereo was still there, everything in my glovebox was there, it was just dissheveled.

The motherfucker took my HEAD RESTS. I didn’t figure that out for like two days.

Irrenicus: your avatar is god. I want to steal it.

nope, i haven’t had any of that happen to me, yet. hopefully never. I say that now and…




Nah, but I do occasionally black-up like Al Jolson and break into other people’s cars.

Someone tried to steal my car a few years ago…They fucked up my ignition key, stole cellphone charger but not the cellphone WTF…They also threw all my documents in a puddle…

Haha yes, it is “an interesting life experience” indeed. I have three stories here, the first two are just build-ups to the third one so I’ll be brief on those.

Basically first time someone fucked with my car I was sleeping in late and I heard some voices and a smash sound outside. For a moment the question of whether it was my car crossed my mind, but I thought that was ridiculous: I didn’t leave anything particularly valuable, I don’t have any enemies in town etc. Well of course it was my driver’s side window. I have no idea why they did it (there was some shitty non-functional PS1 stick on the front passenger seat, maybe they thought it was ecks-bocks), but I drove to Bristol for a street fighter session that night with no window (was fucking cold too).

Second one was my own stupid fault. I was working for Honda at the time and I left my sweet-ass Honda jacket in the car. Got out there to find the car was undamaged but the boot/trunk was ajar and the jacket was gone. I was fucking FURIOUS. The Honda job was the first job I actually valued highly, and that jacket meant more than just being a cool jacket, that was part of my fucking identity there. Was so angry.

And FINALLY this is the main one. I was at a friend’s house in Surbiton (not exactly ghetto, it’s near Kingston-upon-Thames) and we’re out in the garden drinking and smoking all the usual stuff we’d do back then. And I see two or three weirdly dressed people passing by the front of the house. Looks like they’d been to an 80s-themed party or something. Well, one of them is holding what appears to be a wastepaper basket/small bin over his head that appeared to be empty. I thought nothing of it for a moment, then I heard that smash again, and this time I IMMEDIATELY knew it was my car.

I took off like a crazy man across the garden and vaulted the fence. Was moving so fast my legs couldn’t keep up so I took a massive spill into the road and fucked my knee and elbow up pretty bad, but at the time didn’t feel it, teched the fall and continued. The guy had absolutely no idea I was after him, and I caught him red-handed (actually, bin-handed) on his own (his friends had run off).

I was up in his face before he knew it and I’m just asking him “Why’d you do that? That was my fucking car, why’d you do that?” And shoving him around and shit. He’s looking shook as fuck that the guy whose car he just vandalised had caught him, and his excuse is something like “I didn’t know it was your car”

I replied “what? What the fuck does that mean? You don’t know me! What the fuck does that mean?” still shoving him in the chest repeatedly. And then I remember standing there and eyeing up his fucking jaw, like just angry heavy breathing, fists clenched, eyeing that jaw, thinking do I swing? Do I swing here? And he’s saying shit like “I don’t want to fight you” (well, shouldnt have put a bin through my fucking car window then).

And what did I do? The lamest fucking schoolground fighting techniques you can fucking imagine. I tried to trip him up. Yeah, that’s right. I kinda grappled him a bit and then swept my leg behind him with my next shove. He wobbled around a a bit but stayed up, and then the clinch was over. I mean what the fuck, right? All my cage-potato theory-fighter shit was just nowhere near being in my consciousness (no attempt at a proper single or double-leg takedown).

I wasted so much time that the guy eventually managed to get just enough space to turn and run, and I remember the rodent-like expression of fear on his pathetic face as he ran. I know you can’t entirely tell, but it was a soft part of town, and he was lighter than me, and I could have fucking taken him in a fight I’m sure, but there was no way I could catch him running. So I persued as long as I could and when I was out of breath just screamed “YOU FAAAHKKKKIIIIINNNG CUNNNNNNNNNNNNNT!!!” futiley into the night sky, as if cursing the face of God himself for befalling me with such an unjust evening.

I should add here that I’m not a fighter, in fact never really been in a proper fight, but after this event I really beat myself up psychologically. My friends (who, by the way, would have been much appreciated if they’d have gotten on the scene quick enough. One of them claimed he was following me but had to run inside first to to put on his SLIPPERS, the other one didn’t even twig what was going on quick enough, the dumb fuck)) well they said it was good of me not to hit him, but part of me couldn’t escape the fact that part of the reason was I was SCARED to fight him.

It really, really fucking bugged me. Plus, on top of that getting the window replaced was a massive nightmare and I went drink-driving in the courtesy car, which was another source of immense shame (alleviated somewhat by discovering that my father had done the same thing when young). I was actually finding myself HOPING someone would start on me so I could get in a fight, and redeem my honour.

This is all off-topic now so I’ll wrap this up fairly quickly. Luckily for me, one of my Polish housemates was a) a fairly small wiry guy and b) a very bad, aggressive drunk. He would keep starting on me once he’d had a few vodkas, and although the first time I didn’t fight back even when I was tapping out in his fucking stupid chokehold (“I snap ur neck!”), the second time he tried it I was drunk as fuck, got incredibly hyped and angry and beat him up. But even then I was proud that I held back from full power and only used appropriate force (his head was banging off the floor though so had to be stopped).

SO… rights of passage anyone?


Goddamn, that’s a lot to follow.

I had my car stolen. Fuckers took my Nissan 280ZX for a joyride. Cops found it two days later in downtown LA, T-top windows were gone, ripped out my stereo and even took my battery. WTF? The part that really pissed me off was that it rained the day before they called me so my interior was completely soaked, the towing company charged me up the ass to get my car out of storage and they destroyed my clutch. Car was never the same after that no matter how many repairs I put into it.

yep, my car has been ‘broken into’ like four times.

the most recent occasions are because i can’t lock the doors on my car, nothing of value was taken really except my checkbook, which made me immediately close my account.

i had stupidly forgotten i left my checkbook in my glove compartment so it was a big pain in the ass to handle, but i learned my lesson

That doesnt do anything. I got my gps stolen by a crackhead in ATL a couple of years ago. By the time you get there its already too late. And even if its not, most likely you window is busted in anyway.

My apt was never ever robbed though. When i was growing up in qb someone broke into my room while i was “sleeping” and stole my snes that I just got for xmas.

Those are the only times ive been a victim of theft.

Someone tried to break into my car when I went to a bowling alley in Arlington, VA while in college. Someone with a crowbar tried to pop the lock on my saturn. Only thing is, it was a plastic door so I know the shit kept bouncing off everytime they tried. They did get into my room mates car which was parked right next to mine. They damaged his door and took his stereo.

lol why did you leave your GPS in the car, if you leave stuff thats of value on display expect it to be stolen. Anyway my point was the OP said he parked the car outside his house, the alarm would have notified him his car was being broken into, he might have been able to do something about it then and there.