Have you ever just randomly yelled out "EY!"

I was watching this commercial and a guy is walking along while staring at the camera and all of a sudden he BUMPS into a pole and instantly drops down to the ground. For some reason I felt the sudden urge to yell “EEEYYY!!!” like those guys in the KSK ranbats, lol.

Think of it what you will, but I’ve been watching way too many ranbats recently…

Lol, I do It when I watch Soccer when Someone scores a goal… Preferebly The Team I support… "

I do It when Playing Halo too… Good Kill = EEYYY!!!

I yell EY!!! quite often actually…and I blame all the ranbat matches I’ve watched on youtube.

Any good “EEYYY!” moments recently?

Yesterday was the first time I landed a kara palm in an actual match so…


[media=youtube]p7gWpNMfCyg[/media] (I like it typed that way better, Twelelve)

Yelled it during a Anatomy test and got kicked out. It was followed by aww… :frowning:

This thread needs more kokujin

Ranbats FTW

when i play dat blueberry urien, when i get hit with a full keeper jin, when i land a tkd, when i double super with chun

plenty of non 3s times too but i can’t really remember, although i think the frequency of which went up after this thread was created.

This thread is made of pure win.
gvision ranbats own so hard