Have You Ever Look At Your Newly Completed Drawing And Said

…WOW, did I really do that!!!:wow:

This is not a braggers thread or anything but sometimes I’m quite amazed when I complete a drawing. I can be in a trance-like state when I draw and when I’m finished and really look at my drawing I’m amazed that I can do what I do. Especially since I don’t have any former training ('cept college which I’m attending now.:razzy:)

So does this happen to my fellow artists?:pleased:

that only happened to me once, that was last year… but usually im totally the opposite on most of my pics

I felt that way after I finished this 4 weeks ago;


I had tried to do a SW pic many times, and I hated each attempt. When I finished this one, my jaw hit the floor. I showed it off to everyone since I was so proud of it.

I’m still trying to top it. :xeye:

In my experience, it’s more like, “What the fuck have I done?!” =(

ALLLLLLLLl the fucccking time playboy.

but nah seriously, it only happens once in awhile and its because my skills aren’t refine so i have to randomly get lucky and the good result is of some uncontrollable process.

Well it doesn’t happen to me everytime. Heck not even half the time, but when it happens it’s pretty freaky. :pleased:

Too bad all my MSPaint drawings have been taken off so you don’t know if I’m a chump or not.:sad: Stupid Premium Membership jibba jabba.:bluu:

Nice pic Hanzou.:tup:

well, I’m usually reasonably satisfied when I put my mouse/pencil/etc down, seldom anywhere as ecstatic though. Most of the time I’m not happy with what I’ve put down.

of course, the **true **test is going to sleep and looking at it in the morning :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if I’m still happy with something I’ve done when I look at it again the next day, then I’ve done something. Something abt taking some time off allows all the flaws to shine through.

Yeah I agree with Rook. Everyone calls it the fresh eye. Usually you need to take time apart from all the hours sitting there. It will happen when you least expect it and even do a 180. Yeah i’ve only liked like 3 of my pictures these past years.

Only one for me. It was a contest piece I did for this website. You had to create your own Rival School or SF character. Now that I think about it, They still haven’t announced a winner and its been almost a year…

EDIT: SFMC can vouche for that one.

SFMC was the winner of that contest, but seriously , all Although there was no winner was officially granted which was a little dissapointing at first,overall it was a great excercise. It was nice seeing so many artists come togetehr with their ideas…For the love of the Art and Genre, Id probably consider participating in another one like it. Its too bad the big Guys from Capcom couldnt hold something like that - (but Not an IDOL style…Im sick of the “reality scripted” shows LOL)… No Man, to answer the Thread, Im never usually Happy with a Doodle, Im always looking to improve with technique, method to attack my next drawing---- whether it would be Composition wise, or pose etc…working for hours on end on a particular drawing/Painting I usually have to walk away and return later to it. :karate:

It happens to me every now and then, It’s happened with a few pages of Valin. But it mostly happens to me when I do Pavement art. I may be having a crusty day, not making much money and wind blowing in my face or what not. And then at the end of the day I get to step back and have a good look at it. “How could I draw something that good on such a bad day?”

I also think since it’s the scale thing too it’s so big that you don’t really no what your doing till you step back.

Did pete win that shit for realz? Congrats pete, I guess. Even though I think Pedro would of beasted D. Tsutsumi

OOPs sorry D…my Bad…as far as i know there wasnt any real winner…I was just speakin out loud back there… but yeah it is nice to get ones imagination going like in the StreetFighter 4 thread, what I would find interesting would be to find the concept and rough designs of the capcom artists that they had for the World Warriors we know of Today.

once i drew a tiger from looking at a picture of one. that was one of the few times i was pleased b/c of the detail. the eyes followed me and everything.

Hmm… I’d hafta say I’m shockd at how the hell I did all those mouse drawings without getting Carpultunnal syndrome. That and the Skittles trick I did on the Kando Brings the Grape. Other than that all my work’s junk.

…This happens all the time with me. Actually, it might take a whole day to finish a drawing I created or something like that, but I’m usually amazed at the end…

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