Have you ever stolen anything in your life?

Just yesterday after my classes, I stole 3 more 1 liters of Mountain Dew from a local 7-Eleven. My Juggalo homies distracted the Cashier, whilst I took the Mountain dews from the freezer, and put them in my bookbag. They make me do it every time, and it sucks. I want to be a part of the clique, but I hate knocking off the same store over and over again. I think that they are getting suspicious about me, and I will probally get caught if I ever go back to that store and do it again.

I feel guilty about it, and i am thinking about going down to that store and giving them the money back for all of those drinks that I have stolen. I know that I’m not a thief, but my gut tells me different for some reason.

You guys share your stories, I think that everyone has done it a few times in their life. Especially when you were young. Don’t tell me that you and a few of your friends distracted the cashier while you took a couple packs of smokes.

I stole Violent J’s virginity back when I was into my whole clown phase. I must have been really out of it from all the N20 because I didn’t even realize that he was sucking me off nor could I even tell who it was since I was blindfolded. Needless to say, that was the worst game of pin the tail on the donkey ever.


the scum of society, folks.

stealing before you turn 12 is fun. stealing after your 12th means your a bitch ass motherfucker. or just pore and cant afford shit.

i stole some games from Blockbuster when I was 12, then I grew up. Go back to the store, tell em friends of yours stole some shit from them, and you would like to pay for it. Then get new non thief friends

Juggalo homies


Uh, at most I stole a ride on a bus in NY. I didn’t know where to pay so I got on expecting to find out, and before I knew it we were moving.

I stole the magic in the air

In terms of stealing a tangible good, I really can’t say that I ever recall doing so.

However, if we are talking about digital goods now that is a completely different stroy…:bgrin:

nothing worth stealing in our shithole city :frowning:

Fuckin magnets

whats a juggalo? and if you’re going to steal, make sure the rewards are worth the risk. i laugh at stupid bank robbers.

I stole Dragon Ball Z figures when I was a kid. Funny thing is the guy who worked at the store had an idea of what I (And my other friends) were doing, but said nothing. The only other thing I’ve participated in stealing was Pokemon Cards from Toys R Us, but I was mainly keeping watch instead of actually pocketing anything. I was like 10-11 during those times, tho.

Stealing is something I cant do, but if I can get someone else to do it I will

I stole my brother’s gas money when I was like 9… but that’s it… I don’t steal… I don’t want no damn police record just for taking something small…

If I would ever take anything, I’d go for something big…pause… let me reword that, my ass is going to be involved in some kind of diamond heist or something if I was going to steal something…

How do they work? :bluu:

I feel like this thread stole my faith in humanity.

Fucking Miracles



Stole a tiny plastic toy dinosaur from a daycare center cause it was my favorite toy there and I wanted to play with it at home. I was probably 6.

Stole a 2 liter of dr. pepper from a gas station that left their pallets out at night. Walked there with a friend to get it after scraping together our 98 cents and they were closed so we took 1. We were probably 10-12.

That’s it.

Some candy, a pack of gum when I was around 11. F-zero X for N64 from my cousin when I was 12Oh and the instruction manual for Diablo 2 and the expansion when I was 14. That’s about it.