Have you ever stolen anything in your life?

The last thing I stole was a beyblade when I was twelve from a supermarket.
I never stole a lot, so I used to get crazy paranoid about it, even when TV shows about stupid shop lifters would come on, I’d start getting scared.

yu gi oh cards

Hot Wheels (when i was little)
Swimming Trunks
a video game (extremely difficult)
a jogging suit
clothes from Macy’s

yeah my past is a little shady.

I steal stuff online every day and never pay for a train ride. I’m a poor ass nigga.

when i look at a puppy’s eyes, i know this world is full of miracles.

You ain’t no thief. I’m a thief. I stole a sticker from the teacher back in kindergarten. And I got caught. That’s how real thieves roll. :tup:

Stole five minutes of my time…

I am a pelican and I stole Violent J’s cell phone.

Stole Bubblegum from Kroger when I was little. Stole some foods at my high school cafeteria. That is about it.

I stole fireworks from a Winn Dixie when I was 10 because they wouldn’t sell them too me. I rode around on my bike stealing “chromies” when I was around that age too- had to pimp out that huffy. Also; Juggalo homies, blah blah, gay sex, blah blah, fucking magnets.

I used to jack marvel comic cards all the time.

yeah i did that too. it was actually my side hustle for a little while.

I once stole my friend’s Gambit action figure when I was 7 years old; I felt like total shit afterwards, admitted to doing so, and gave it back to him.

I stole a whole lotta porn.

You lost me @ “juggalo homies”

everything that followed was expected.

As far as non digital stuff I’ve stolen some gum from food lion when I was 8. The risks in stealing physical stuff is SOOO not worth it.

My dumb friends used to steal shit all the time. I usually acted as lookout because stealing a luxury item (non-food) is just plain asinine. My girlfreind stole me some gloves a while back. And I have countless borrowed, but unreturned items, such as San Andreas.

I have stolen Terminator 2 Skynet Edition blu-ray, a Nintendo DS, a xbox 360 controller, some blank DVDs from Office Depot, and a wallet with about 300 dollars in it

wtf you sound like a scumbag

edit: ok, so in my case… train rides into town before they installed ticket gates. sometimes, while walking home drunk in the early hours, vans would be delivering stuff to shops and i would steal some bread rolls outside the bakery. i once paid pennies for a sandwich and walked out with it, apologising but essentially ignoring the clerk’s angry shouts. uh… porn when i worked at a newsagents when i was 16.

oh and recently i stole some “pic n mix” sweets at a cinema.

i guess the one thats the worst in the above quote is the wallet. if you were flat-broke, and the other’s were stolen from stores, then i guess thats not so much scumbaggery, but stealing a wallet is real bad man. unless you found it or smoething?

Daigo accidentally put his stick in my bag at Evo 2010. Didn’t realize it until I got home.

The strangest thing, though–the same thing happened with some cameras at a previous Evo, some PS2s from an Evo after that, and some memory cards with documentary footage at another tournament.

The best time, though, was when this producer chick accidentally switched our bags. Weird thing was, her bag was filled with DVDs. Never watched them because it sounded like it was about robot sex. “Bang the Machine?” Something like that.

(Just kidding.)