Have you ever stolen anything in your life?

Props for keeping it real hahaha

In my young and chaotic days, i used to steal protein bars and gum from 7-11’s. And I stole from people… The guilt killed me over the years and I paid everybody back.

Stealing is a rotten thing to do, wish I could say I never did it…

So far, these are the REAL thieves in this thread. :tup:

Maaan, is this ever a nice computer! :smile:

Haha that was awesome. Same!

man i used to steal when i was a kid. funny thing is, dad had mad money. i always got what i asked for, 300 bucks for a snes in 92, sure no prob. me and my friends only stole cause we could, we was stupid. walking in a toy store, asking the guy for the new toys and shit, at the moment he turned around id put that big ass carton box with tf in it in my big ass oneil winter jacket (and later on hide the shit cause moms for some reason exactly knew which toys she bought for us, so new toys would have been troublesome). ask another q and leave like nothing happened. funny thing is we was getting addicted to staeling cause shit was free. and we had money too, wtf. even funnier is, later on we was actually asking the peeps working there just before stealing just to steal right under their noses. acting like the workers there where retards cause we was stealing right under their noses, and they didnt notice shit.

luckily i stole a friends giant mountainbike (didnt know it was his, whats worse is i dont call this stealing cause it wasnt locked even), other friends saw it. talled the friend whos it was, and one day friend of mine is at my door with his dad, yo you still got my bike, lol. i was lucky as hell my parents where on vacation then (wed get our ass kicked for real if something like this would happen). my uncle found out and almost kicked my ass (i still remember him giving me that itachi head poke one after the other, he was soo pissed he wanted to punch my lights out, waiting if was gonna punch me or not). never have i stolen anything after that, the threat he made bout ill tell your dad was killer. funny thing is i was almost 12 and we actually planned not to steal after 12th (before 12th popo cant do a whole lot of shit against a kid, we knew, we was smart/dumb).

whats bad is in our culture, stealing, being a junky or a pimp are the lowest forms of society. if my dad ever found out back then, he really would have fucked me up. im still gratefull to my uncle he didnt tell on me.



Holy cow.

I didnt bother to read the op’s post. I didnt think he would be talking about anything other than icp. The thread title was just a trick to get people to read about icp.

Anyhow, when I was a boy I stole some candy form the little liquir store around the corner from my house before I went to school. I thought I was all cool so when I got to class I was telling all my little friends. I wasnt too slick about it though, my teacher overheard me talking about it and she called my mom and told her. My mom made me take the candy back to the store. The man told me if he caught me stealing again he would break my arms and lock me in the freezer. I never stole again.

When I little was me and my friends used to fill our pockets with penny sweets at the local store. Shit was gangsta, when we got home we laid out those sweets on the table and enjoyed our booty. Started tradin’ sweets and shit, everyone knows I wanted those ring sweets that I could put on my fingers and that candy bracelet. Good times…

I was like 6-7 years old and at this little liquor down the block from my grandmothers store. They had arcade games (not sf2, it hadn’t been released yet iirc) so that was where i spent most of my freetime. Anyway, I was really stupid back then, way stupider than now. I left my new bicycle outside the door. Of course it was stolen. I went back to my granny’s store, sobbing and crying about my bike being stolen. She came back with me to the store and there was another bike, similar in size and shape to my own but DEFINITELY not my bike. My granny said to take that one. I told her it wasn’t mine. She said, “just take it anyway.”

I expected to see a gangsta but when I clicked on the link I lol’d hard. :rofl:

I am disappoint.

oh yea, does looting during a riot count? Cuz I did some of that too. Some of the most pointless stupid shit. I got a bunch of dog food and leashes out of a pet store. My mom wouldn’t let me keep the puppy, I had to put him back :frowning:

I stole your love. :rock:

Ain’t never gonna letchyoou go-woe. :cool:

not stealing if not caught

I remember now, I found a wallet with 300.00 in it, his social security card, and Visa card, and state ID. I took the 300.00 and left the wallet there. Found it in a movie theater, didnt really feel bad at all it was the guys fault for leaving it there.

No, I never have stolen anything in my life, I am serious. Some of my friend’s friends thought it was cool to steal and it would impress girls. It was all fine and dandy until one day one of them got caught stealing a hoodie from Pac-Sun and got 15 days in jail, which he had to serve all of them unlike Lindsey Lohan recently.